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    Mystic Manor Soundtrack

    Hi all, Watching the imagineering story on Disney+ reminded me how much I was looking for Mystic Manor’s soundtrack. Source audio ofcourse. Just hoping someone here knows if there is one available anywhere?

    Mystic Manor Merch

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know if that Mystic Manor music box is still available at the park? I’m talking about this;

    20.000 leagues Snowglobe

    Hi everyone, I am looking for this 20.000 leagues under the sea snowgobe. It’s from Disneyland, but does anyone know if it’s available in WDW?

    Need help!

    Hi everyone, I’m staying at Staybridge Suites at the Park in Anaheim. Right now I’m looking at a good 20min walk from my hotel to the parks. I saw the Mickey &Friends parking garage is on the way and was wondering if I could just hop on board of the parking trams bringing you to the parks...

    SHDL profits?

    Anyone know how SHDL is doing? I’ve been watching the app lately and have seen very short waits for the park. Even soaring isn’t as long anymore. Is the resort operating at a profit atm?

    AP e-newsletter

    Hi everyone, Don’t know where to ask this, but I am a first-time WDW annual passholder since november. I have however never received my monthly e-newsletter. I have tried contacting WDW but they couldn’t help me so I’m trying my luck here. Can anyone help me with this? I’m missing out on all...

    DAK Club33 (former Lion King dark ride thread)

    Surely there must already be a thread for this one, but I can't seem to find it. Is there any truth to this? @marni1971 (he mentions you in this article)

    Splash Mountain Tokyo Disneyland

    Hi everyone, I'll be going to Tokyo Disneyland for the first time next week. It will be cold! I want to ride Splash Mountain, but does anyone know how wet I'll get? Because if I get soaked I'd rather skip it in this weather. But I can't imagine them soaking everyone in winter. Any thoughts...

    Fantasmic refurbishment

    Official site says Fantasmic will be closed for refurbishment from january 22nd to spring 2019. Anyone have more info on this or perhaps a reopening date goal?
  10. IMDREW

    Extra Magic Hours question

    Hi all, I am staying at the Dolphin resort next november. I did my hotel booking and theme park tickets separately. On my last day (the day I'm checking out) I want to visit Epcot and do the extra magic hours in the night. So my questions are these; - Can I participate in those extra magic...
  11. IMDREW

    Help with Tokyo Disneyland tickets!

    For anyone who can help me: I’m staying at the Sheraton Grande at Tokyo Disney Resort in a couple of months. I read everywhere that staying at this hotel guarantees admission to the parks but when I booked I could not book a ‘package’ with park tickets. Only my room for 3 nights. I will arrive...
  12. IMDREW

    The Boathouse in SDR

    Anyone know if the Boathouse is closed at the Shanghai Disney Resort? I am planning my trip for next year, but can't find anything about it anymore. I'd swear it was in Disneytown when the resort opened right?
  13. IMDREW

    Beauty And The Beast

    Hi everyone! I don't think anyone knows, but why not ask> Is it known what production of Beauty and the Beast is coming and when it will open? I will be there at the end of the year and last time I visited I missed The Lion King because the two days I was there they weren't performing. Luckily...
  14. IMDREW

    World Of Color Refurbishment

    Hello, I don't know where to ask this, so I try here. Does anyone know if World Of Color is set for refurbishment this april? I'm in DCA april 23rd and wanted to do a dining package, but I see that all WOC dining packages reservations stop from april 1st. And with Pixar Pier coming, I'm a little...
  15. IMDREW

    Sleeping Beauty Castle DLR

    Hi everyone! I don't know if it has been discussed already, but does anyone know why sleeping beauty's castle still has the 60th anniversary rooftops? I'll be there in the summer for my second time and kind of miss the more 'original' tiles and spires. With the deeper blue, gold and yellow :)...
  16. IMDREW

    Lunar New Year WOC music

    Hi everyone! Just a quick question. Anyone know how I can get my hands on the soundtrack for this pre-show they have for the Lunar new year World Of Color? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  17. IMDREW

    Shanghai Disneyland Music

    Anyone know how to get the soundtracks to the fireworks show and other music composed for the park? Can't find an original soundtrack for anything of the park except the parade which is the one song I really dislike. I'm looking for 'Ignite the dream - nighttime spectacular' and 'ignite the...
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