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  1. Disneyratboygenious

    WDW Photographers Gallery (all images welcome)

    Small trip we took before Christmas, we got a few good photos.
  2. Disneyratboygenious

    Art of Animation resort

    I was told the bus system was slow, how
  3. Disneyratboygenious

    Cosplay at park

    This is a picture of myself in the cosplay for refrance .
  4. Disneyratboygenious

    Art of Animation resort

    We I’ll be staying at Art of Animatiom in one of the little mermaid rooms. Does anyone have any information on the resort that I should know. Any opinions good and bad. Also are their good spots for pictures as I love to take a good picture.
  5. Disneyratboygenious

    New Mickey and Minnie heads - how we feeling?

    They seem less scary and more like the animated characters. Very nice!
  6. Disneyratboygenious

    Official Photography Contest 1/13/18-1/19/18 The Magic Kingdom

    Yeah I relized after that it was a contest sorry
  7. Disneyratboygenious

    One table service ...MK or HS

    If you choose HS, 50’s cafe is great. If Magic kingdom i reccoment the beauty and the beast theamed one. They are both so good.
  8. Disneyratboygenious

    How many Classic Disney Films are not politically correct today

    If you really think about how sleeping beauty was sold based around the fact that she was beautiful and had never really talked to the prince. It could be argued as not politically correct.
  9. Disneyratboygenious

    DL for a WDW fan

    When I went I felt a little underwhelmed and it only took us two days to do everything we wanted. I think three days is probably plenty time.
  10. Disneyratboygenious

    Coronado Springs

    I’m not sure what your doing for this to happen to you but maybe you were some where you shouldn’t have been or out at the wrong time. I’m sorry that was your experience but no one that I know has gone through this that have lived in New Orleans since birth.
  11. Disneyratboygenious

    Coronado Springs

    Well now you know to be careful and travel in groups. I’ve lived here for so long and by doing what I do nothing has yet to happened to me or my friends.
  12. Disneyratboygenious

    Coronado Springs

    New Orleans is such a diverse and unique place. We have gone through so much yet are still here. Why? Because we love our city. Sure it way not be in the best area but in my opinion it certainly is filled with some of the best things. Our food is unique as well as our music and celebrations. We...
  13. Disneyratboygenious

    Just some photos

    I don’t really think these are good and I’d like some feed back on how I can better them.
  14. Disneyratboygenious

    What ride do you like that everyone else hates?

    My favorite ride EVER is not even really a ride. It’s Mickey Philharmagic. I love it so much and I know it’s kind of rude but I always try to be the last person in so that I can go to the back and sit right in the middle without bothering anyone.
  15. Disneyratboygenious

    What is The Weirdest/Funniest Thing That You've Seen at Disney?

    At animal kingdom the monkey pooped in his hand and chucked it at my family and I. Luckily he was not a good throw.
  16. Disneyratboygenious

    Coronado Springs

    Well from what I know it’s already incorrect. The pictures and what people say already has me bothered. Riverside plays the wrong music first of all. The furniture is off as well. The food trying to be Cajun is horrible. Real Cajun food is food of the Gods. It is good in your mouth. They don’t...
  17. Disneyratboygenious

    Coronado Springs

    It really isn’t. Stress should not come with vacation.
  18. Disneyratboygenious

    Is wdw worth visiting for teens/adults

    If I was you I would look how much you make. If you make enough and can really do it go for it. But paying for three people by yourself is something to consider.
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