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  1. GlacierGlacier

    Flight of Passage Pre-show Burn-In has begun

    Just got off FoP, and the inevitable has happened - the second pre-show has begun to have artifacts from"burn-in," an unfortunate byproduct of using OLED screens. For those who do not know, Burn-in occurs when a screen displays the same or similar images for long periods of time. This was...
  2. GlacierGlacier

    DINOSAUR - Strange Testing

    I haven't seen anyone say anything about this before, but today there was a single Time Rover which had mounted on it a black tube steel rig, upon which sat some IR LED lights. It was being used as a standard ride vehicle, in rotation with everything else. Does anyone know more about this...
  3. GlacierGlacier

    Abnormally Incorrect Posted Wait-Times

    Throughout various attractions today, cast members have stated that they've been unable to update their posted wait times. At dinosaur - castmembers stating the wait time was truly 45-60 minutes. Posted wait time was 10-15 minutes. Star Tours - cast members stating wait times are 25-30...
  4. GlacierGlacier

    Animal Kingdom - Asia Construction

    There's a bit of construction going on in Asia, all facing the river / Tree of Life. The main block of construction is opposite Great Birdventure, where the old dock is. Second block is on the opposite side of the bridge to discovery Island. Apologies for poor photography. Taken using Snapchat...
  5. GlacierGlacier

    The MagicRadio - feat. The Jungle Cruise's Albert Awol

    A few weeks back, my friend and I were standing in line for the Jungle Cruise. As we were talking, I got the idea for a physical radio, styled to match the 1930s aesthetic of the Jungle Cruise, that would play the audio loop from the Jungle Cruise. Not only that, but it'd play any fictional...
  6. GlacierGlacier

    Refreshments now sold in NRJ queue

    I can't find another thread for this, but they're now selling snacks and drinks halfway through the NRJ queue in Pandora. I'm heading onto FoP later, so I'll report with that.
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