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    Need Help Understanding FP+

    We just planned a last minute trip down to FL and have 1 day to spend at Disney. We're deciding between MK and EP still. I've tried reading up on FP+ but can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for. We're going in about 2 weeks. Is that too short notice for fastpass? Are all the good...
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    WDW & UOR Development Timeline

    It seems like nowadays a lot of people on these boards are complaining that WDW has become too stagnant and that UOR is really expanding at a rapid rate. People say that WDW needs to "keep up with the Jonses" and add new attractions. While I would like to see new attractions all the time at...
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    Downtown Disney or Disney Springs?

    Which name do you think is better for Walt Disney World's dining, shopping, and entertainment complex? Downtown Disney or Disney Springs?
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    What needs to be done to improve WDW?

    Clearly everyone on these boards has an affinity toward WDW or else we wouldn't be here. We all have our reasons for loving the place and for wanting to know everything about it. There really is no other place like WDW on the planet. Regardless though, like everything, there is always room for...
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    What was WDW's original property line?

    I was just wondering what areas were originally purchased for the WDW property and what had been de-annexed from it. I know that Celebration was created from WDW land. Also the Crossroads of Lake Buena Vista and Little Lake Bryan were originally WDW. Does anyone else know any other developments...
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    Why is there a canal around WDW property?

    If one looks at an aerial view of WDW, they notice a canal that marks the boundaries of land that make up/made up WDW. Does anyone know why it is there or what purpose it serves or why they built it?
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    How is WDI doing currently?

    What are everyone's thoughts on the status of WDI right now? Do you think they are still capable of creating mind-blowing attractions and environments like TDS or POTC? Or has their creative spark begun to dwindle as each passing generation of Imagineers come? Is the focus on technology and...
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    Watch Disney Fandom on Disney XD

    Tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday on Disney XD Disney is putting on programing that the fans actually want. Tony Baxter was on, the Disney Legends will be, Star Wars stuff, etc. It is very reminiscent of old school Disney Channel. If thru see viewers tuning in, maybe the program block could become...
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    Google Street View now at Disneyland?

    I was just looking at the DLR on Google Maps and dragged the streetview icon and to my surprise found that all over Disneyland and DCA there are the blue lines which indicate street view is available at that location. However when I place the icon on the path, no view comes up and instead says...
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    Doubling the Disney?

    I was just wondering what everyone thought about "Doubling the Disney" or in others words where one film series is represented in multiple parks? Should all the rides from one franchise be limited to the same park or is it fine that they are spread out? Here are attractions based on films...
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