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  1. tribbleorlfl

    Axwell played Cinderella's Castle this weekend?!

    This article just popped up in this old raver's Facebook feed. It looks like Sweden's largest theme park company threw a private party at the Magic Kingdom on Saturday and invited WDW employees to attend. Yeah, they got one of the biggest DJs in the world, Axwell, to play a live set right in...
  2. tribbleorlfl

    Alternatives to Best Friends Pet Resort

    We're local Passholders with a 2 year-old hound mix. We typically utilize Best Friends for Doggy Daycare when we go to the parks because we they're open after the parks close where as other daycare options would require us to pick him up by 5 or 6 pm. With the exception of when we first got...
  3. tribbleorlfl

    Walt Disney World now an official sponsor of UCF Athletics As a long-time Orlando resident, AP and UCF alumni and season ticket holder, I've been waiting for WDW to finally step up and support the program in its own backyard besides throwing a couple...
  4. tribbleorlfl

    2017 UCF Undefeated National Championship

    In order to move the discussion on UCF's Undefeated Season from the Disney Parade thread, I created this new topic.
  5. tribbleorlfl

    News UCF Peach Bowl/National Championship Parade

    Similar to 2014, Disney is throwing a parade for UCF, this Sunday at 4:30.
  6. tribbleorlfl

    Dog Daycare near WDW

    Sorry if this isn't the right forum, but I need some suggestions for Dog Daycares near WDW. We're local Passholders. We adopted a pup a couple months ago and haven't been out to the parks since then. We've been trying to secure reservations at Best Friends for Daycare for the past several...
  7. tribbleorlfl

    Megacon- Disney guests

    Just saw Paige O'Hara (Belle), Irene Bedard (Pocahontas), Linda Larkin (Jasmine) and Christopher Daniel Barnes ,(Prince Eric) will be signing autographs and doing photo ops at MegaCon later this month.
  8. tribbleorlfl

    Ignite the Night music

    So, back in December, I shared the news that legendary Electronic music artist and producer BT was working on a "top secret project for Disney." Well, it seems like a we've finally discovered what it is. The past several days he's been posting about working on a massive project in Shanghai...
  9. tribbleorlfl

    Blackout Dates

    I mentioned in other threads, but we were this >< close to not renewing our AP's last month due to the dramatic price increase and declining value. In the end, we decided to drop down to Gold and see if we missed Going during the blackout weeks. Anyhoo, for some reason I thought the blackouts...
  10. tribbleorlfl

    Fanboy Expo in Lakeland this weekend (3/12-13)

    Didn't see it posted anywhere, but this weekend there is a con in Lakeland called Fanboy Expo. They had one in Tampa last year and heard very good things about it. Ticket and autograph prices are quite reasonable. Especially of note are the following Disney guests: Ed Asner (Up) Irene Bedard...
  11. tribbleorlfl

    Up Poster

    I have been scouring the net for info and haven't had much luck. I am trying to find an Original (ie, not a print) movie poster for Up. I can find posters for pretty much every Pixar release but that one. My usual go-to for movie posters (ebay) hasn't really yielded results. Thanks!
  12. tribbleorlfl

    BT's "Top Secret Project for Disney"

    So I've long been a fan of electronic music, especially that of award-winning song-writer and producer BT. Last year, I was a backer of his kickstarter project "Electronic Opus," a reimagining of some of his most iconic music accompanied by a full symphonic orchestra. I was at the premiere...
  13. tribbleorlfl

    Ritz Carlton Shuttle

    So my wife was just named Teacher of the Year at her High School. One of the gifts she received was a free night's stay at the Ritz Carlton (which apparently is a business partner). Since we're local, we were kind of at a loss what and when to use this for. We are going to one of the MVMCP's...
  14. tribbleorlfl

    Phineas & Ferb to end its run with 73 Hour Marathon

    While it's not exactly news that P&F had ceased production, there were a handful of episodes remaining to be broadcast. The Series Finale will be on June 12, proceeded by an epic 73 hour mararthon of every episode. I must say, while I acknowledge P&F has run its course and hasn't been relevant...
  15. tribbleorlfl

    Foster Kids and AP's

    So my wife and I are content with our two wonderful biological children, especially as we're getting into our later 30's and child bearing becomes an increasingly risky proposition for her (and the potential baby). However, we still have lots of room in our hearts and are feeling called to...
  16. tribbleorlfl

    Help me identify this character

    So, we were at the mall yesterday and made a quick stop in JC Penney (don't remember the last time I was in one). I was shocked to find a large Disney section full of clothing and toys. I was especially surprised to find a lot of Disney Store and parks merch repackaged in a different "Disney...
  17. tribbleorlfl

    Celebration of Harry Potter

    Didn't see a thread on it, but I'm just curious for those of you who went to the Celebration of Harry Potter, what did you think? My son had a blast, and I think the event definitely had a "Star Wars Weekends" vibe. From those we talked to, there was even more to do and see this year than...
  18. tribbleorlfl

    Measles Outbreak

    9 sickened after attending DL parks Dec 10-15, at least 3 more suspected. Reportedly 3 of the children have been hospitalized. 8/9 were unvaccinated, though I suppose that's a discussion for somewhere else. I tell you, this is the kind of thing that has always worried me about attending the...
  19. tribbleorlfl

    Surprise Squad

    Just curious if anyone has been lucky to get a prize from the Surprise Squad as part of the 50th celebration or knows how this is supposed to work? According to the website, they will walk the park and randomly surprise parkgoers- is there a criteria they use? Doesn't seem so random or...
  20. tribbleorlfl

    AP Perks

    Has anyone received a list of the 2015 AP benefits? The reason I ask is we went for a round of mini golf at Winter Summerland the other day and the CM informed us starting in the new year, the AP discount was going to be reduced from the current 50% down to only 15%. Just curious if the...
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