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    What will the experiences at the resorts be like post COVID?

    I’ve read what major hotel chains are considering. I don’t know what disney is doing. Some talked taking furniture out of lobbies so there is less lingering. No water dispensers or welcome drinks. Lots of hand sanitizer machines. Check in desks outside or no check in desks. No touch payment...
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    Favorite Restaurants with Kids (Table or QS!)

    I think Whispering Canyon is a great suggestion. Consider throwing The Plaza into the mix (not for a bday.). Fun for milkshakes.
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    1st trip—Picked Poly over Beach Club and Contemporary

    I like the Contemporary. We spend the most time at MK. You have transportation. We can walk. I love the parks, but can close the room door and find it peaceful inside. I like everything is in one building (especially in bad weather.). Food. Chance to shop or walk around convention building to...
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    Splash Mountain...don't want to get soaked

    Kali is worse. Splash, I usually sit on the right. Looks like others are saying that’s the wettest spot. I lean in (I know who I’m sitting next to) and down and I’m pretty good.
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    Trip Report Rise of the Popcorn Bucket

    I’m sorry. Thinking and praying for you and your family.
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    Bay lake tower

    I’m assuming there isn’t a availability at the Contrmporary?
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    Trip Report LIVE-ish TR: The One With Holiday Cheer 🎅...and Plantar Fasciitis

    You can buy rock tape. Amazon sells it. There is a line that stays on better. Not waterproof but that’s the idea. Lots of patterns and solids including “flesh colors.”
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    Trip Report "The Best Disney Trip EVER"

    I was being funny or sarcastic. 😎
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    Trip Report "The Best Disney Trip EVER"

    I still get irritated when I think about it!! It makes absolutely no sense to me! i wonder what they do with identical twins traveling together. 🤔😎
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    Trip Report "The Best Disney Trip EVER"

    I would have been ssso ticked if they took off without you and you understood the reason why. You are right. You are not the first person to share the same name as a relative you are traveling with.
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    Disgusting Splash Mountain

    Wouldn’t it be too dark to see anything clearly? 10 pm. Not clearly lit.
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    Very Nervous This Trip

    You don’t have to do everything. Like everyone is saying, make a list of what you want to do. Some people are attracted to one park over another. Maybe spend more time in that park. Maybe you like shows. Schedule that. Maybe you don’t. That’s ok. It’s your trip. If you are traveling with young...
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    Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *COMPLETED*

    ...and that’s a pretty funny gif
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    Trip Report A non-Disney family goes to WDW

    I’m glad you had a good time. It was nice to read your update.
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    Poll: best queue?

    Monsters Inc. Air Conditioning and some jokes. Can get packed in, but still cold.
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    Mouse Gear closing date?

    Ohhh. Thank you. I kinda like that store. It holds a lot.
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    Mouse Gear closing date?

    Closed for good?
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    I have an etiquette/possible social faux pas question.

    Consider calling the manager. See what their response is to your story. Explain you are confused and a little turned off by the situation. Not sure about future visits.
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    What TV house would you want to live in?

    I Dream of Jeannie bottle. The Jetsons is a good one too mentioned above!
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