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  1. WDW Vacationer

    Imagineer Jack Blitch-Little Mermaid and More

    This was on CSPAN 2, as part of the NASA Information Technology Summit. The first video is Little Mermaid attraction design,second is the expansion in general: Go to 1:09:40 in the...
  2. WDW Vacationer

    World of Color Full Show Video!

    A full viseo of World of Color is now on YouTube! It is from a preview of some sort, I think it was through a contest. Part 1- Part 2- Part 3- This is truely amazing...
  3. WDW Vacationer

    Magic Kingdom News Round-Up

    A few things from the Magic Kingdom! Pirate Goofy now makes meet and greet appearances in Adventureland near the Pirate's League. The moat around Cinderella Castle has been filled. I haven't seen this before,but Chip and Dale are now doing a meet and greet in Tomorrowland near the stage...
  4. WDW Vacationer

    NEW "Disney's Art of Animation Resort" to Fill Vacancy at Pop Century!

    Disney announced early this morning a new resort will be presumably (Disney says "adjacent" to Pop built at the Legendary Years of Pop Century. It us expected to open in 2012 and it will bring some classic Disney movies to life. Disney Parks Blog Post- Big news…we’ve just...
  5. WDW Vacationer

    Imagineer-Project 12:Chrononymous and WDWVacationer

    Hey......I just wanted to get this started! I hav an idea for the play area. What do you think about a Chip&Dale treehouse area?
  6. WDW Vacationer

    Imagineering Brainstormers-Project 11

  7. WDW Vacationer

    Disney-Pixar to Release Two Movies in 2012

    Disney has announced that Brave and Monsters Inc. 2 will be released in 2012. D23 (@Disney23) tweeted this.
  8. WDW Vacationer

    The Imagineer Project 10-Imagineering Brainstormers

    We will all be working together this round. We have to create a NEW EPCOT pavillion. Criteria: --Either in East or West of Future World (must fit theme of area) --Original Idea (not used in Epcot already) --Needs AT LEAST: Attraction, Quick Service Restaurant, Education Experience (hands on)...
  9. WDW Vacationer

    Disney Twenty-Three Spring Issue To Have 3 Different Covers

    D23 announced that there will be 3 covers for the Spring issue. Each member will receive a random issue with a random cover. 2 of the 3 covers have been released,one featuring Woody,one featuring Buzz. The third has yet to be released...
  10. WDW Vacationer

    Goofy's Brainstormers-Project 8

    Ok! To-do list. (I will update this throughout thread,even if Im not leader) •Team Leader •Brainstorm and Discuss -Overall Idea -Theme -Details -Loaction -Layout •Finalize Idea •Assign Parts •Submit Insividual Parts •Submit Final Project Criteria: •New vacation home...
  11. WDW Vacationer

    Disney Announces Completion of SpaceShip Earth Descent!

    Disney announced today that SSE in EPCOT will close for a 1 month refurb to finish the descent!
  12. WDW Vacationer

    Country Bears,Br'er Bear and Br'er Rabbit in new Frontierland Hoedown!

    Disney has been testing a version of the Fronteirland Hoedown recently. Featuring dancing cast members,the Country Bears,Br'er Bear and Br'er Rabbit, the show gets guests involved in dances to Frontier tunes with the characters. I'd provide a video,however,we are not allowed to post links to...
  13. WDW Vacationer

    Goofy's Brainstormer's Project 3 Team Leader Poll

    We will close this at 7. Team members only please.
  14. WDW Vacationer

    Disney Parks Blog-"Mickey Notes" Celebrates Volunteers!

    This is cool! Disney Parks Blog did their first stop-motion video. They used 25,000 sticky notes and a ten foot wall to create a neat design. It is important to note no post-production tricks or computers were used to animate the notes.
  15. WDW Vacationer

    Has Anyone Else Ever Noticed the Pictures on the Parks Blog?

    I check in on the Disney Parks Blog from time to time,and often notice the pictures near the top. Examples: Pretty nice,huh? Next time you are over there,take a good look at them!
  16. WDW Vacationer

    Big Press Event at WDW-Starts Tomorrow.

    Big Press Event at WDW-Starts TODAY. Jim Hill stated at the end of his newest article that he will be heading to Orlando today for a large press event in WDW that will showcase the future of Disney Parks for the next few years. It will last 2 days. According to WDWMagic member-The Raven,the WoL...
  17. WDW Vacationer

    Drew Brees-I'm Going to Disney World!

    Drew Brees,QB of the Super Bowl 44 Champions-the New Orleans Saints,joins a long list of stars to say those famous words! Congrats to Drew,the Saints and all the fans! He will appear in a ticker-tape parade down Main Street USA on Monday,February 8,2010 at 11:55. From the Disney Parks Blog:
  18. WDW Vacationer

    Tokyo Disneyland Resort with a Light Blanket of Snow!

    TDL recently received a light amount of snow. Although it was not much,it was cool to see iconic structures with snow!
  19. WDW Vacationer

    Golden Oak at Walt Disney World?

    An interesting article by Jim Hill says that Disney may be bringing filming back to the resort. The article also suggests that the rumored project could be somehow tied in to the Four Seasons. The rumour is based off of domain names Disney has filed. There is a chance that it may not involve...
  20. WDW Vacationer

    D23 Spring Edition Reveals Dumbo Coaster Theme and Hints at Anniversary Celebration!

    According to **************,the D23 Spring edition states that the Barnstormer will be re-themed to clowns. They also quote the D23 article saying: Which alludes that Disney is planning for something for WDW's 40th. Here is the full article,from **************:
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