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  1. lilclerk

    MVMCP tickets on Magicbands

    My friend and I planned a quick last minute visit. We're doing MVMCP tomorrow night, then we have a 1 day ticket for Wednesday. Can we use our MBs to get into the party tomorrow at 4pm without affecting the 1 day ticket (yes, the tickets are all on our MDE accounts)? Or will I need to stop at...
  2. lilclerk

    Parking at the Poly with 'Ohana reservation

    Is parking at the Poly crazy difficult right now (well.. like 2 weeks from now)? Or should we park at the TTC and walk or monorail over for dinner? We're staying on site, so no parking fee. We have an early reservation at 5pm, and we're most likely heading back to our resort for the evening...
  3. lilclerk

    Does anyone know what this is in MDE?

    I'm playing with the My Itinerary in My Disney Experience, and this little blue box never loads, the loading circle just spins. Anyone know what it is? It's next to the park I have for the day, and my resort reservation right below it.
  4. lilclerk

    Man Photobombs Disney World Proposal

    I didn't see this posted anywhere. Thought it was worth a chuckle.
  5. lilclerk

    What in the world is this from?

    I just recently started seeing this .gif of Donald everywhere and I am desperate to know what it's from. I don't even know if it's from an official Disney short, but it looks like it is. Extensive Google searching has given me nothing but "shut up and take my money" memes. Anyone have any...
  6. lilclerk

    Nostalgia Critic's Disneycember videos

    So I'm about a year late, but I just found the Nostalgia Critic's Disneycember videos. He spent a month reviewing almost all of the Disney animated films. I thought I'd share, they're pretty neat. FYI, there is some cursing.
  7. lilclerk

    Free beginners DSLR Kindle book

    I check the top free Kindle books list every day, and they have Master Your DSLR Camera: A Better Way to Learn Digital Photography up today. I haven't read it yet, so I can't say how good it is... but hey, it's free :D...
  8. lilclerk

    Haunted Mansion home light display

    Now that we're coming up on Halloween (according to Disney's calendar, anyway) I thought I would share this video I found.
  9. lilclerk

    WDW bus spiels

    Does anyone know if any WDW bus spiels are available to download anywhere? I started downloading youtube videos of bus trips and cutting down the audio, but I was wondering if there's a collection of them anywhere.
  10. lilclerk

    Home movie of the 1964 World's Fair

    I hadn't seen this before and thought I'd share. There isn't a whole lot of Disney in here, but this footage shows a lot of what was offered at the fair. it's a small world shows up at about 6:00, and you can briefly see the Carousel of Progress building at 9:20. This one isn't "home...
  11. lilclerk

    Free Epcot Kindle book

    I check the top 100 free Kindle books just about daily and I noticed this one today. It's a kid's guide book to Epcot. I haven't read it yet, but hey, it's free!
  12. lilclerk

    I wanted to share this tumblr

    I haven't seen it pop up around here yet, but I think it's hilarious. Have fun =)
  13. lilclerk

    Got a postcard from Mickey

    I got back from WDW on 2/10, then got this postcard in the mail today: I've never gotten one of these before, it's a nice touch. Are they new?
  14. lilclerk

    Unusual things you look forward to

    I'm leaving for a solo trip on Saturday and whenever I think about this trip, I picture myself riding Universe of Energy. I'm not sure why, it's not my favorite Epcot attraction, though I certainly do enjoy it. But for some reason, I'm really looking forward to that ride. Maybe I'm nervous I'll...
  15. lilclerk

    On-site benefits

    I'm thinking of booking one night at the Hard Rock for my February trip as I'm thinking of seeing a concert there one night. If I want to get the extra theme park benefits (early admission to Harry Potter, express pass, etc.) do I get those as soon as I check in? For example, if I go check...
  16. lilclerk

    Anyone know what this concept art is from?

    On my trip a couple weeks ago, I stopped at the Art On Demand kiosk in DHS to get a couple attraction poster prints as usual. They now include some concept art prints. I got this one, thinking from the tiny thumbnail they show that it was from Carousel of Progress, but now I can see it isn't...
  17. lilclerk

    Planet Hollywood closed 5/11

    I have a reservation for Planet Hollywood on 5/11 and just received an email from them stating they're closing at 2:30pm that day for a private event. I know it's not a favorite restaurant but I just wanted to pass that along!
  18. lilclerk

    Le Cellier lunch -> dinner?

    Does anyone know what time Le Cellier switches from lunch to dinner? We'll be visiting in May and don't want to spend two TS credits on it.
  19. lilclerk

    Don't give up on dining!

    My nephew and I are currently staying at the Beach Club, and I wanted to let you all know not to give up on making last minute reservations just yet. I mean, I haven't been trying to get into any high-ticket places, but we've gotten a couple reservations at Rainforest Cafe (at AK,) The Plaza...
  20. lilclerk

    AP rate rules?

    We're planning a family trip in January. My 14 year old nephew and I both have APs. Assuming there is an AP discount, would it be possible for him to stay in my parents' room (my sister, his mother, isn't coming on the trip) and get them the AP rate even though he isn't an adult in the room...
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