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    Any one fly with them? Would you again? Pointers, tips?
  2. MouseDreaming

    Time to Shoot the Groundhog!

    Well, it is official. I, like many of you are tired of this winter, and that blasted ground hog saw his shadow. Time to come up with our best recipes. For the Superbowl, I'm thinking marinated pulled ground hog, served over nachos.
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    I meant to try that

    I just saw a picture of those lovely looking ribs at Flame Tree BBQ. And while they look delicious, that's my only comment about them. Despite my best intentions, I have never tried them. What food in the world have you always meant to try, but go home without so much as a nibble of it?
  4. MouseDreaming

    Slow and Steady...A June TR!

    Well, I have finally gotten to the task of sitting down and writing this. I know, took me long enough. The cast includes Myself, DH, DS (14), and DD--who had the good fortune of celebrating her 10th birthday on this trip. This trip was from June 11th-18th. We did a split stay starting with a...
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    Food Court Question

    Hi all! Lately, I have been enjoying some Greek yogurt for my breakfast. Does anyone know if they are selling it in the food courts (especially at Port Orleans)? If so, what brand? It's a really filling and quick breakfast, and I'd love to plan on it at least a few mornings of our trip. Thanks!
  6. MouseDreaming

    If You Haven't Done It Before, It's New to You! June 11-18 PTR

    Hello everyone! I am so excited that I will be back in the world for the first time in 2 years, and 3 months! Not that I was counting… For this trip, we are trying out things we haven’t done before. The first big one is WDW in June. We have gone once in January, and lately we have been...
  7. MouseDreaming

    I can't wait to try...

    I have a lot of things added to my list of things to try while in the world. I am most looking forward to the Magic Cookie at POR. How about you? What are you planning on trying at WDW?
  8. MouseDreaming

    Jazzin' at GF

    I was looking at resort pictures, when I saw someone posted a picture of a jazz drum kit at Grand Floridian. Am I right? Do they still play? If they do, does anyone know the schedule? Can you listen to them in the lobby, or just hear in the lounge? I have a 14 year old DS who loves jazz...
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    Poncho or Umbrella?

    Hello! While my family has been to the World before, we have never gone in June. Usually, we are there in March, and I think in all of those trips, we maybe dealt with rain one day. I know in June we can expect passing rain through the day. If we use ponchos, will they have a chance to dry...
  10. MouseDreaming

    All That Jazz

    I have been working on planning our upcoming June trip, and I am trying to find some new things to do. My 14 year old DS is a big jazz fan. He is constantly playing on his trumpet. I am not sure how he will manage a week away from it, so I thought maybe if we could listen to some, that might...
  11. MouseDreaming

    Booking Magical Express on new site

    Couldn't find this anywhere else, maybe someone knows? I've made my resort reservations, but have just recently gotten the air information. In the past, I just go back to the web site and add that information to book Magical Express. Not seeing it with the new site. Is this another phone...
  12. MouseDreaming

    Looking for first runner up burger...

    Now that Le Cellier no longer offers their mouth watering burger, where can I get a GOOD burger. Has to be on property. Feel free to post pictures. Mmmm...I'm getting hungry already!
  13. MouseDreaming

    Decisions, Decisions...

    Hi everybody! Welcome to my big dilemma! And trust me, I am very happy to have this dilemma. :) POR or POFQ? We are planning an early June trip. The trip would be covered by the spring promotion dates. POR is covered under it, POFQ is not. My family loves POFQ, but also enjoy discounts. I don't...
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    My DH and DD both love ribs. So, where are the best ribs on property? Equally helpful, which ribs would you avoid? Thanks!
  15. MouseDreaming

    And Now For Something Completely Different...TR March 17-24

    Hello there! Well, I certainly have been putting off this report. I figure, it's time to get to it! First, the cast and crew Another lovely family trip for Mr Dreaming, DS Aaron (12) and DD Anna (7), and myself. This was our fourth trip as a family, and third time for our Spring...
  16. MouseDreaming

    And Now For Something Completely Different! A Pre Trip Report

    And Now For Something Completely Different! PTR 3/17-3/24 Hello everyone! Welcome to my pre trip report! I am so excited to be sharing this with all of you--because, I can't share it with the kids. BIG surprise for them. Of course, this trip was something of a surprise for me, too. Let me...
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