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  1. ParksAndPixels

    Photopass Tripod Light

    Anyone know what light system photopass uses to light up the ground around their tripods?
  2. ParksAndPixels

    Lunch / Quick Service at all Parks

    We go often but we often end up at the same places and I’m trying to make a point to try new menus all the time. I feel like I have a good handle on TS meals but where are your favorite QS stops? And what specifically? Thanks
  3. ParksAndPixels

    News Illuminations Fireworks Mishap Tonight

    Being told by source at Epcot tonight that a remnant of illuminations fell into the Fastpass Viewing area and started a small fire. Not much detail.
  4. ParksAndPixels

    TSA & Fish Extenders

    Hey all, sorry to start a thread for this but the forum is probably my best resource for this answer. We were planning on only bringing two carry on bags this time, but it just dawned on me. We use a 1/4" rope to hang our FE outside our room. It's definitely secured to the rod but I was...
  5. ParksAndPixels

    Cars Animatronics... HOW?

    I was curious... I have seen the normal animatronic demos that feature the Cars characters, but it's usually the mouths and simple movement. I was wondering if anyone has insight into how the windshields / eyes work? I have a few ideas but I doubt that is how this effect is achieved.
  6. ParksAndPixels

    WDW or Disney Cruise ??

    We have debated whether to go on DCL or to WDW for our anniversary in the spring. We have never done a cruise but that's also the reason for having reservations. We have no children, so it's just the two of us. Is there really enough to do for an adult only cruise for 7 days? Or would we be on...
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