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  1. EmeraldDolphin

    it's been awhile...

    I haven't been to the forum in such a long time, I can't even recall... I received a birthday message & remembered WDWMAGIC again!! yay!! I'm back!! :wave: A long time ago I could type a Mickey icon. Does anyone know how? I've forgotten...
  2. EmeraldDolphin

    what do you do on SNOW DAYS!?

    Today it's snowing, and school has been canceled! So we're home today! I'm going to finish putting up Christmas decorations that are long over-due, and wrap tons of gifts that have just been piling up. Later, we're all going to go to the theater to see Narnia!! It's gonna be a great day...
  3. EmeraldDolphin

    One evening in Orlando

    Our family is flying down to FL to spend Easter with my uncle & his family. We are flying in on Thursday evening, March 24. We're spending that one night in Orlando, and then heading to my uncle's house to spend the weekend with them. We're flying out of Orlando very early on Monday March...
  4. EmeraldDolphin

    I need advice asap please!

    I never, ever thought I would find myself in a situation like this, but here I am... I could use some helpful advice. Here's the situation... my daughter in 10th grade has a friend that she has known since 6th grade. When the 2 girls first met, the young lady's mother didn't want her daughter...
  5. EmeraldDolphin

    Missing WDW!!

    I've been to WDW for February vacation for quite a few years now. This is the first year in a long time that I'm not there this week, and don't have a trip planned. I feel so sad! I miss WDW soooo much! :cry:
  6. EmeraldDolphin

    pictures in my album at photoalbums.wdwmagic

    Just curious... I have a picture posted in my album of my daughter Christina, when we went on our All Star Vacation in WDW back in 03. It's been in the top viewed photos for awhile now, but all of a sudden over the weekend when I uploaded a new photo... it has jumped like 1,000 views... and...
  7. EmeraldDolphin

    My Computer!

    I am so computer illiterate! I get sooo frustrated! For the past few days I couldn't get on-line... and now, I still can't get to my e-mail! I called customer support, and she ran my through the entire process only to tell me in the end that I have to call someone else. I sure don't get how...
  8. EmeraldDolphin

    World of Disney Store to open on 5th Ave, Manhatten next week!!

    I was just talking with a friend of mine that I used to work with at the Disney Store, and she told me that there's going to be a World of Disney Store on 5th Ave. where the old Disney Store used to be. It looks awesome! She told me there are supposed to be characters there & it will be so...
  9. EmeraldDolphin

    Getting to know you

    It seems like lots of you have been here at the forums for quite awhile, and know each other fairly well. I received this quiz from a friend of mine, and I'm sure you've all gotten e-mails similar to this. I thought it would be fun for us to do a shortened version of the quiz. This may have...
  10. EmeraldDolphin


    I can't believe I came across this... anyone else hear about this??
  11. EmeraldDolphin

    Dave Matthews Band... oh my!

    I caught part of a news story this a.m. on my way out the door, that the Dave Matthews band has been accused of dumping sewage from their tour bus while they were on an open grate bridge, right on to the heads of people that were in an architectural tour boat! That's really stinky if you ask...
  12. EmeraldDolphin

    Hidden Walt

    You can find a hidden Walt on each of the parade floats in the Share a Dream Come True parade at Magic Kingdom. They are statues, silhouettes or small portraits, and they can be pretty hard to spot... but they're there!!
  13. EmeraldDolphin

    I've missed it here!!

    :sohappy: I haven't been to the forums in forever... with stuff that's been going on at home... BUT... I'm back!! Woo-hoo!! :sohappy: I've missed it here!!
  14. EmeraldDolphin

    Park Admission

    The last time we were at Magic Kingdom, our family was making guesses at how many people were in the park that day... it was pretty crowded. How many people are allowed in to each of the parks?? Magic Kingdom EPCOT MGM Animal Kingdom >> I don't know the answer... does anyone know...
  15. EmeraldDolphin

    Help!! Anyone good at algebra??

    We're stuck on an Algebra problem: If Captain Hardtack is 3 miles or more away from shore, he is in International waters, otherwise he will be in Spanish water. Is he in safe territory? >>> How do I show my answer using algebra??? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. EmeraldDolphin

    my new bumpersticker

    woo-hoo! my new bumpersticker arrived! "Goodbye Michael... Restore The Magic save Disney. com" Did anyone else get one??
  17. EmeraldDolphin

    e-mail address??

    when I signed up for wdwmagic I had to include my e-mail... the e-mail address that I had used when I signed up, is no longer my primary e-mail address... how do I change that... just type in the new one under my user cp??
  18. EmeraldDolphin

    Painting with Disney Colors

    Good morning... I'm painting my foyer today with "Skipping Stones" and "Christopher Robins Swing" ... I am curious how many of you have used a Disney color just because it's Disney?? :)
  19. EmeraldDolphin

    Disney Fonts?

    I used to have Disney fonts on my old computer... it blew up... and we now have a new computer... but I can't remember where I got all my Disney fonts from... does anyone know where I can find some really cool fonts? Thanks in advance!!! :sohappy:
  20. EmeraldDolphin

    My beautiful niece!

    I received a phone call the other day that my niece who is away at college was attacked by a pitbull the other night. Her mom flew down to be with her. Her face is pretty badly injured... the good thing was that there was a Plastic Surgeon on duty at the hospital when she was brought in, and...
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