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  1. MaximumEd

    Pop up ads at bottom of mobile phone screen

    Just started seeing these today. They mostly cover the up/down arrows that allow you to scroll to the top of a page quickly. Is this permanent? Not a fan.
  2. MaximumEd

    No network connection

    Starting today, when opening the app I get a “no network connection” pop up box. Using a fully updated iPhone. Everything works fine through safari. Any ideas?
  3. MaximumEd

    News Voices of Liberty Cuts?

    Noticed on Touring Plans that for the next couple of weeks that their performances seem sporadic. Anyone heard if this is permanent or just a one-off?
  4. MaximumEd

    Trials of the Temple question

    On days where DHS has morning EMH, does sign up begin at the start of EMH or at start of normal park opening time?
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