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  1. Hula Baloo

    How much does the Princess Half Marathon affect EPCOT?

    A few months ago I booked a weekend birthday trip to WDW for February 20-23, 2020. I just now realized the Princess Half Marathon are those exact dates :eek:. I see the race starts and ends in EPCOT, which is one of the two parks we are visiting. Our visit to Animal Kingdom thankfully won't be...
  2. Hula Baloo

    What are your go-to FP+ selections at each park?

    What are your first three FastPass selections at each park when you visit? I always find myself choosing the same three each time. I'm curious what rides everyone else prioritizes. Mine are: Magic Kingdom - 7DMT, BTMR, Peter Pan's Flight EPCOT - Test Track, Living with the Land, Spaceship Earth...
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