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  1. tcool123

    Fantasmic! Dragon missing? 2/1/2020

    Just finished watching Fantasmic, and noticed a key player of the whole show missing. The dragon! Any clue as to why it went missing? Hopefully the budget isnt so dire they’d start cutting key components of the show 🙄 Some video for those curious:
  2. tcool123

    Disney's Hollywood Studios : Reenvisioned

    The World you have entered was created by The Walt Disney Company and is dedicated to Hollywood - not a place on a map, but a state of mind that exists wherever people dream and wonder and imagine, a place where illusion and reality are fused by technological magic. We welcome you to a...
  3. tcool123

    Pre-Trip An Earth Day Weekend

    Hi everybody! I finished up my first trip report, and thought to myself: What was that Pre-Trip option when I was making my trip report? Honestly I'm not sure what it is :hilarious: But I'm guessing it's kinda like where plan out your upcoming trip? If I'm wrong then woops :oops: So we are...
  4. tcool123

    Trip Report My First Trip Report! *COMPLETED*

    My First Trip Report! Hi y'all! I'm tcool, and it's great to be here! For years I used these forums, and one day happened to come across this very forum I'm in right now! I thought it was an interesting idea, and have always wanted to create a report. However due to either never having the...
  5. tcool123

    Reimagineering My Projects

    Reimagineering - Tcool Edition Over the years I have posted on these forums ideas for theme parks worldwide, and over these years I feel that I have improved in the skills that I offer to the community. With the recent writing of my first new solo project in what feels like years, The Greatest...
  6. tcool123

    The Greatest Show - Based on The Greatest Showman

    The Greatest Show *spoiler free* Queue - Guests are allowed to begin queing a hour before showtime, and such whichever entrance they wish. However no matter early a guest gets there a group of people in long coats and hats will somehow appear in front of them. No matter guests waiting...
  7. tcool123

    The Kalikimaka Tiki Room

    The Kalikimaka Tiki Room Closing overnight The Enchanted Tiki Room will become The Kalikimaka Tiki Room. Each of the bird animatronics will be given santa hats of various designs, some will have jingle bells, others will be reindeer antlers. Some birds will even be wearing a scarf. Outside...
  8. tcool123

    A Twist In Time 2 : Discussion Thread

    Hello one and all to the discussion thread for A Twist In Time 2 : The Sunshine Expedition. Here we can discuss everything and anything related to well anything! :D And with that let the discussion begin! :D
  9. tcool123

    A Twist In Time 2 : The Sunshine Expedition - Challenge 6

    A Twist in Time 2 : The Sunshine Expedition A year ago Tcool Labs arranged for a journey through time allowing for the course of history at Walt Disney World to change as we know it. However this little experiment had some unexpected collateral damage to the space time continuum in the form...
  10. tcool123

    A Twist in Time Announcements

    Dear people of Earth, It is Tcool president and founder of Tcool Labs. I come here today to bring about the announcement thread for all things Twist in Time related. For those who are unfamiliar with with a Twist in Time, I refer to you this thread. That thread will take you to the homebase of...
  11. tcool123

    Imagineering Logo Competition 2017

    The logo competition is pretty straight-forward. Last year, four members submitted logos and the community voted on which one they wanted to represent the Imagineer Forum. The winning logo for 2016 was designed by @MonorailRed seen here : Everyone is invited to submit their own individual...
  12. tcool123

    Disney's Hours of Darkness - 2016

  13. tcool123

    A Twist In Time : The Discussion Thread

    Hello one and all to the discussion thread for A Twist In Time. Here we can discuss everything and anything related to well anything! :D And with that let the discussion begin! :D
  14. tcool123

    Last Days of Summer

    Hello and welcome all to @tcool123 and company's grand Universal Trip to wish goodbye the summer! But wait Imagineers! This isn't just any trip report! No it will have feedback and ideas from the group that had visited the Universal Orlando Resort! So to kick off the basic information! When...
  15. tcool123

    A Twist In Time

    Welcome armchair imagineers, to this ever exciting event! A Twist In Time - Imagineers are invited to the Tcool Labs, to encounter the Timeinator! Every challenge Tcool and the imagineers will board the Timeinator, and travel back in time into a moment of history regarding the Walt Disney...
  16. tcool123

    The Newsroom

    May I be the first, but not the last to welcome you to the Newsroom located on the Imagineering forum. We are just over a year old, and we hope to continue to inform the Imagineering community of WDWMagic for many more years. Now you may be wondering what information do we give out? Well the...
  17. tcool123

    A New Imagineering Competition Announcement!

    Welcome one and all! Ladies and gentlemen to the announcement of my contest. And no I'm not announcing a third season of The One Sentence Contest. Instead I'm announcing a brand new contest! It will have challenges, points, winners, losers, eliminations! For more information on the contest...
  18. tcool123

    Chugwater - Celebrating 12 Years of Home on the Range

    Now yesterday may have been April Fool's Day, but today it's Home on the Range's 12th Anniversary! Now as a kid I grew up on three Disney films, Dumbo, Ratatouille, and Home on the Range. Which the latter of which I would watch religiously, and was bummed out when I found out that my copy went...
  19. tcool123

    Imagineering Weekends : One Sentence Competition Season 2

    After a three year hiatus One Sentence Contest makes it's grand return. This season will be broken up into episodes. Each episode will contain four parts. The top three projects for a part will allow their respective competitor to gain points. Each episode will allow for 6 - 12 competitors. The...
  20. tcool123

    The Capitol - A Hunger Games Land

    The Capitol The Capitol is the center of Panem; a futuristic world found within the Hunger Games. This new theme park land takes place 36 years prior to the 74th Hunger Games with Katniss Everdeen. This land will have two attractions. One in which for the entertainment of the people Capitol...
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