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  1. 71jason

    Mardi Gras 2017

    Runs 2/4 - 3/24. Parade every night! Ditto live New Orleans music, food booths. Main stage concerts still limited primarily to Saturdays, artists to be announced. With MK seemingly going nighttime parade-less this Spring, this is a shot across the Mouse's bow.
  2. 71jason

    Adventures in Charity 2016--Tickets on Sale Now!

    Adventurers Club fans--tickets are now on sale for Adventures in Charity 2016, taking place Saturday, September 24 at the Holiday Inn LBV. Join us for an evening of live music and comedy with a cast of former Club actors, including Graham Murphy, Karl Anthony and Jay T. Becker. Tickets start...
  3. 71jason

    Just back from Magic, random news update

    Got a great deal on the final (for a while) Miami sailing of the Magic. As always, top notch service, lucked out with the nicest weather in weeks on Castaway Cay. Some minor news updates, new policies implemented, so I was told, in the past week or two: No more formal nights on cruises less...
  4. 71jason

    The Edison--details announced'industrial-gothic'-style-restaurant,-bar-and-nighttime-destination-to-disney-springs-in-2016.htm
  5. 71jason

    Adventures in Charity 2015--The unofficial Adventurers Club reunion show

    Can't believe it's already May ... tickets are now available for the third annual Adventures in Charity event, this October 3 at the Holiday Inn LBV. For the first time, the event will be emceed by fan-favorite Karl Anthony (aka "Blondie," the...
  6. 71jason


    Made my way to Pharmacy last night, the "speakeasy" bar/restaurant in Dellagio on Sand Lake Road. In keeping with the theme, there's no signage--you enter through a door cleverly designed to look like a nondescript elevator. Inside there are a lot of vintage (probably faux vintage) mirrors, a...
  7. 71jason

    Disney Springs observations

    First time back in a couple months last night. Some random thoughts: Garage has done nothing to help parking--exiting and entering traffic cross, which creates a mess. I get why--the current garage was designed to cater to I-4 traffic, with the assumption that most surface traffic from...
  8. 71jason

    Mardi Gras 2015 Concert Schedule

    Finally! Let the good time roll ...
  9. 71jason

    Comedy Warehouse showtimes?

    Title says it all, thanks in advance
  10. 71jason

    Artegon Marketplace review

    Got over to the new Artegon Marketplace, the new venture that replaced the long-flailing Festival Bay mall on north I-Drive. My initial reaction: shock. Festival Bay may have been a dead mall, but it was also the most beautiful mall in Orlando, with fountains and elaborate tile mosaics. Even...
  11. 71jason

    New Return Procedure at Soarin'

    A few posts on this in the Anna & Elsa thread, but probably deserves its own, as this attraction has a wider fanbase. Apparently today started the new "no standby" line policy at Soarin'. From what I gather when you walk up, you're given a paper ticket with a return time. Problem is, all the...
  12. 71jason

    Gringotts--size issues?

    Haven't tried it myself, but hearsay suggests the ride is even less forgiving than the original Forbidden Journey. Any first hand accounts?
  13. 71jason

    Breadbox review

    Stopped by Breadbox last night, the sandwich shop that took over Cigarz. Although "sandwich shop" is a bit of a misnomer. This isn't Subway, Quiznos, or even Earl of Sandwich. It's fast-casual, not quick-serve, with house-made potato chips and draft beer. The atmosphere is a bit odd, a mix...
  14. 71jason

    Vivo Italian Kitchen

    Got a chance tonight to try the newly opened Vivo Italian Kitchen in CityWalk, formerly Pastamore. Overall it reminded me of one of one of those yuppie Italian restaurants every city seemed to get in the 90s. I don't mean that as an insult, really, but that is the vibe. Lots of open spaces...
  15. 71jason

    Downtown Disney Food Truck Rally June 21 tl;dr: 5 - 10 pm on the West Side, 14 trucks confirmed, mix of the 4 at DTD and local trucks, including the amazing Yum Yum cupcake truck. There will also be a DJ (my former next-door...
  16. 71jason

    Jim Hill previews Diagon Alley menu items Wow. Three cheeses being flown in from the UK for a cheese plate ... in a fast casual restaurant in the middle of a theme park. Not to mention Butterbeer ice cream.
  17. 71jason

    2:00 a.m. closing

    The Save PI blog actually posted about this two weeks ago, but it seems to have been buried with the news about the Poly: everyone signing a lease in Disney Springs--the restaurants, the shops--is required to stay open until 2:00 a.m...
  18. 71jason

    Sea World attendance drops 13%

    Part of it late Easter ... but certainly not all of it.,0, I know knee-jerk reaction is to say Blackfish, but I don't think we can rule out the price increases, or the fact...
  19. 71jason

    Maximum temperature for wristband

    Title says it all, has anyone seen any specs on the maximum recommended temp for a wristband? Debating if it's safe to keep in my car as Summer creeps up on Orlando.
  20. 71jason

    "Yehaa Bob" at HoB

    "Yehaa Bob" Jackson is teaming up with my good friend, local musician Steve Hogie, for a series of shows outside his traditional River Roost venue. Bob and Steve will be playing the outside patio at House of Blues DTD every Tuesday this month, from 2 - 6 p.m, starting today. I've heard them...
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