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  1. JasonDeyoung

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    I'm moving 5 minutes from Magic Kingdom in..... DAYS
  2. JasonDeyoung

    Busy in april - may?

    I normally go first week of May and its awesome. One of my favorite times. I went this past April, the 13-19th and it wasn't bad at all either but it's def busy over Easter that ive done a few times
  3. JasonDeyoung

    Portable charging batteries available now at WDW kiosks

    I like this added to the parks, I'm still fairly new but am addicted to periscope and if any of you have ever used it, you know it kills batteries quickly. I have a jockery battery charger which I love! It's on the bigger side, with it I can get around 5-7 full charged with my iPhone 6 but...
  4. JasonDeyoung

    Second Bay Lake Tower?

    There was talk/rumor of one being built where the existing wing is still located but that last I heard of got scraped.
  5. JasonDeyoung

    First stay at POR

    LOVE Riverside, boats I believe make the final departure from Disney Springs at 11 or 1130pm. As for rooms, I've stayed in magnolia every time and it's my favorite. You don't make reservations for the lounge, depending on the day you can walk in and get a table right away. Being your first time...
  6. JasonDeyoung

    Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Energy Pavilion at Epcot

    I'm ok with this, Ellen needed to go like 10 years ago. Would it be a complete new ride or just an overlay like frozen?
  7. JasonDeyoung

    Are there still pay phones in the parks?

    I know they do still have a few at the resorts next to lobby restrooms. I believe they still have a few at the parks as well
  8. JasonDeyoung

    New smells in POC

    No they definitely added new smells/scents during the length refurb last year
  9. JasonDeyoung

    Port Orleans Riverside - Royal Rooms?

    Stayed 8 nights in a RGR back in November and loved it. The theming was great, the location was awesome and id stay in one again in a heart beat. As said above it almost felt like a deluxe room instead of a moderate. You'll love it
  10. JasonDeyoung

    Spirit of America Fife & Drum Core Returning?

    It's just a 4th of July special performance unfortunetly. I liked seeing them everyday, wish they'd come back to Epcot
  11. JasonDeyoung

    Pop Century in September

    Yah caught me off guard lol I have a few friends who always do standard and get lakeview not sure how that's standard but hey why not lol
  12. JasonDeyoung

    Bus Horror Stories

    Wow! Guess I've been very lucky when it comes to Disney transportation! *knocks on wood* Only bus event I can even think of was actually pretty funny to me at the time. Was on bus from studios to pop and the driver was obv new and kept stalling the bus literally every like minute lol. By time we...
  13. JasonDeyoung

    October 23-30

    Thanks I didn't think it'd be to bad, I go every other month just haven't made it back October for some reason.
  14. JasonDeyoung

    October 23-30

    its been a few years since I've headed over to WDW during the month of October. From what I recall it was pretty empty, granted I know that can change! Has anyone been there the last year or two during the dates above that can refresh my memory :) I know mnsshp is going and F&W which I'll be...
  15. JasonDeyoung

    can't see wait times on MDE app

    Go to the top under attractions and at the bottom right click on the icon to pick a park. You can view it as a map or listed
  16. JasonDeyoung

    Poly, GF or Contempo May or September 2017

    Me personally, I'd do poly or contemporary I just love both and never has issues at either during stays with them. GF is obv nice and has a very nice stay there it's just, it's not my fav resort to stay at. Visiting it's amazing though lol don't ask I can't put my finger on it either
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