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  1. JasonDeyoung

    October 23-30

    its been a few years since I've headed over to WDW during the month of October. From what I recall it was pretty empty, granted I know that can change! Has anyone been there the last year or two during the dates above that can refresh my memory :) I know mnsshp is going and F&W which I'll be...
  2. JasonDeyoung

    HELP! Proposal ideas

    Going April 13-19 with my gf and I want to propose. Been to Disney a billion times and have a few typical ideas. Any ideas or suggestions would be awesome!
  3. JasonDeyoung


    my mother has a 1 day MK ticket that shows up on her tickets in her profile but when you go to pick fp it says she has no ticket linked. Any ideas? She's trying to pick her fp for April with it at least for the one day but it's not letting her. Yes she has a resort reservation and it's in the 60...
  4. JasonDeyoung

    Art of Animation

    Finally booked a room for April, any reviews are welcome about the resort :)
  5. JasonDeyoung

    All Star Sports

    Ive never stayed at this resort and is one of my only options now for the dates I'll be going, the only value I've stayed at before was Pop. Any reviews, thoughts are greatly appreciated :)
  6. JasonDeyoung

    Multiple reservations...

    Short version, I have two reservations both in my name for a week in April at two different resorts. Anyone ever had this? Just wondering if it'll cause any issues. I have an AP so I have a seperate band for ticket and I'm assuming it'll just give me bands to each room. Doubt I'll allow charging...
  7. JasonDeyoung

    Can't decide...

    I will be taking a week off and heading to the World with my girlfriend in April. Just having a hard time deciding where to stay. I've stayed pretty much everywhere, so we have narrowed it down to the following that best fits our needs that week. Feel free to give thoughts and opinions. Like I...
  8. JasonDeyoung

    Annual Pass Sliders

    Has anyone received a 2016 slider for their magic band yet? Just wondering what the new ones look like or the color at least
  9. JasonDeyoung

    November 5-15, 2015

    It's getting closer & closer to that time! Who's going to be in the WDW area these dates? Wine & Dine 1/2 marathon, some Food & Wine Festival, maybe a Mickey Xmas party? Hit me up if you'll be around!
  10. JasonDeyoung

    Pre-Trip November 5-15 Who's in?

    When : November 5th - 15th Where : Port Orleans French Quarter Why : RunDisney Wine & Dine 1/2 Marathon I've been on this board awhile now and I go to WDW a lot. Yet for some reason I've yet to do a trip report. Figured I'd give it a try with this pre trip report. I'll be going to WDW before...
  11. JasonDeyoung

    Can't decide!!!!!

    So I'm debating between the following resorts for the Wine & Dine 1/2 marathon weekend. I've stayed at Poly but it's been years. Never stayed at Yacht Club but fell in love my last visit. Wilderness Lodge I honestly don't know a whole lot about.
  12. JasonDeyoung

    DRC Interview

    I will be interviewing at DRC Orlando on the 17th, anyone else going in for the those interviews?
  13. JasonDeyoung

    October 12-16

    Who's in for a meet up? Drink around the world, food & wine, mnsshp, park hopping whatever I'll be there the following dates :) Send me a msg or leave a comment
  14. JasonDeyoung

    Absolute favorite thing to do at WDW?

    What is your absolute most favorite thing to do while at Disney? Be it a certain ride, show, restaurant, fireworks, bar, parade whatever!
  15. JasonDeyoung

    Anyone at WDW right now?

    At WDW right now till the 18th(July) if anyone wants to meet up. I'm staying at FQ or meetup at a park
  16. JasonDeyoung

    Favorite place to grab a cold one?

    Where is your favorite place to go out for a drink in Disney after one of those hot long days
  17. JasonDeyoung

    July 12-17

    Anyone gonna be at WDW in July? I'll be over there for about a week. Going July 12-17th and will be at FQ this visit If you'll be around hit me up :cool:
  18. JasonDeyoung

    Animal Kingdom Lodge Vs Wilderness Lodge?

    I am trying to decide which to stay for a week in July. I have stayed at AKL once earlier in May, but I am looking for opinions from people that have stayed at both or just pros and cons. Any opinions are welcome. Thanks :cool:
  19. JasonDeyoung

    Anyone want to go dtd for some cinco drinks?

    About to head to downtown Disney for some Cinco drinks, anyone around?
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