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  1. MaryJaneP

    Disney Fantasy at Port Canaveral

    Curious why Disney Fantasy at Port Canaveral is apparently not docked at usual DCL terminal as displayed by PTZ Port Canaveral map.
  2. MaryJaneP

    Wonder docked unusually at Port Canaveral

    In looking at the Port Canaveral Webcam, the DCL Wonder is docked away from the usual Disney Terminal building and alongside the cranes usually used in SpaceX rocket recovery. Any info on this?
  3. MaryJaneP


    Saw an interesting story over on Yahoo about Michigan football and the precipitous drop in student ticket sales that the author (John U Bacon) apparently thinks is related to price. If you substitute WDW in the article for every mention of Michigan, I get the exact same feeling about how TDO is...
  4. MaryJaneP

    Paid in full

    We have a May 18th date and our TA says PIF date is March 1 even though this is less than 90 days before. Anybody have any experience on this.
  5. MaryJaneP


    Will/has DCL ever put this british castaway cay on their itinerary?
  6. MaryJaneP

    Snack spots on Pool deck

    We really enjoyed hitting the snack spots on the Magic this summer. I can't seem to find similar spots on the deck plans for the Dream nor for the Fantasy. Do the new ships have spots like Goofy's, Pluto's Dog House, and Pinocchio's Pizza? Also, do they have a soda spot on the pool deck on the...
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