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  1. Abraham213DL

    Is there anyone around my age? 18-22 hope to hear back from some

    I am not saying i have a problem with talking with older people but its more i just want to hang out with people my age and experience life for once.
  2. Abraham213DL

    Disney fans we should become friends :)

    Ok I need to learn to make some friends. I really would like it if they were Disney World enthusiasts like me. I am tired of going to other forums and people being rude. Can you restore my faith in humanity by talking with me. Maybe we become friends that would be awesome so i have someone to...
  3. Abraham213DL

    Walt Disney(person) is rolling in his grave because what Disney has become. Who agrees or disagrees

    SO I am curious who believes Walt himself is rolling in his grave because what Disney has become. Now dont get me wrong I am a Disney freak and always on www, haha
  4. Abraham213DL

    In need of Disney fans to become friends :) new to the social part though

    Hello fellow Disney World fans i hope i am at the right place to be posting this Thread. I am in need of people to become friends. If you love Disney thats is one thing will have in common. Please hope to hear back from you guys
  5. Abraham213DL

    How and where ?

    I am here just to talk to others about Disney and make friends but where are you supposed to post the threads at? please help
  6. Abraham213DL

    I wish...

    It would be nice to find friends or my happily ever after on a Disney Dating site that would be cool. Hopefully i will make friends on here that are fellow Disney World Fans.
  7. Abraham213DL

    Best forums? (help)

    Hello I am new to forums and trying figure out best place to comment or talk to others about WDW so if you can help a reply would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Abraham213DL

    Magic Kingdom (New to site)

    Hello I am new the site, the reason i joined is to find friends that enjoy Disney as much as I do. That being said I wanted know what is the one thing that you never forgot about Magic Kingdom after your first visit. Like what gives you that goose bump feeling.
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