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  1. prspeppers

    Android Apps for wait times?

    Most of the free applicaitons for wait times are pretty bad. They rely on users updating the wait time so can be quite inaccurate. Disney does offer and app you can purchase which I have heard is quite good though.
  2. prspeppers

    Has anyone used David's points rental before? (please don't move, not a DVC question)

    I ONLY use Dave's service now. I used to book all of my vacations through AAA before I knew about him. I tried renting points for the first time 3 years ago. I saved tons of $$$ and you get to stay in DVC hotels (I love Old Key West). Don't hesitate to try him out. He's very friendly...
  3. prspeppers

    The British Invasion leaving Epcot?

    This is an absolute and total bummer. I loved grabbing a beer at the pub and walking over to see the band. This is a HUGE loss for the world showcase. I would like to thank the band for so many great memories over the years.
  4. prspeppers

    Favourite Resort in The World????

    Old Key West is my favorite. I just love the quiet. And nothing beats walking up Old Turtle Pond Road to go to the bar for a refreshing Turtle Crawl.
  5. prspeppers

    Space Shuttle Launch and WDW

    If you can't make it out to the cape to see the launch, I highly recommend heading over to the dock in the back of the Contemporary for the best view. If thats not an option, the beach at the Poly is another great place to watch the shuttle launch. In addition, another option would be to head...
  6. prspeppers

    One of the best theme park audio refrences!!!

    Very cool find!!!! Thanks for sharing! If you interested in hearing more disny music check out my disney park music youtube page. Its grown quite a bit since I started it a few months ago.
  7. prspeppers

    animal kingdom or Epcot?

    As much as it pains me to say this, I would say take your family to AK. Your children will love it there. My favorite park is by far Epcot, but It's the kind of place you appreiciate as you get older. Animal Kingdom is an amazing park. There are plenty of attractions to keep you busy, and if...
  8. prspeppers

    The coolest Disney Youtube Channel

    I just found this channel a few minutes ago and have to share it. The people who run the channel produce a series "This Day in History at the Walt Disney World Resort". It's unreal...The amount of work, editing, and research that goes into running this channel is mind blowing...
  9. prspeppers

    How do you feel about the Marvel acquisition?

    I think thats right on. If Marvel does enter the existing parks in some way, as long as its done tastefully I think people will generally dig it.....I think I will dig it. But If I see Spiderman and Green Goblin fighting on top of SSE in the next comercial instead of Mickey waving to me :hurl...
  10. prspeppers

    Walt Disney World Attraction Soundtracks

    I have a huge collection of disney music....I would be happy to share it with you if you are looking for something specific. I also started a disney music youtube prspeppers on youtube to find it.
  11. prspeppers

    Halloween Decorations Pics

    Here is another pic. I love this one. All of the lights in the liberty square area had green bubls installed.
  12. prspeppers

    Halloween Decorations Pics

    Hi everyone, I just got back from my vacation at Old Key West and boy am I depressed....Here are some pictures of the Halloween Decorations going up at MK. They came out a little blury. I think somethings wrong with my camera. Enjoy. Ugh...comming home is the worst!
  13. prspeppers

    Shuttle launch tonight...

    Hi everyone...quick question. Where is the best place in Disney to catch the lauch? I'm staying at OKW but I have heard the place to catch the launch might be the Poly? Any suggestions?
  14. prspeppers

    My Youtube Disney Music Channel

    Does anyone happen to know anything about .flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files by any chance?
  15. prspeppers

    My Youtube Disney Music Channel

    Thanks everyone!!! Enjoy the music!
  16. prspeppers

    My Youtube Disney Music Channel too! I'll be at Old Key West...I can't wait.
  17. prspeppers

    My Youtube Disney Music Channel

    Hi everyone! I started a Youtube channel wich features music from the Disney Parks. I was having a hard time finding a decent Disney radio station which streamed in good quality, so I decided to start this channel. You can create your own playlists and listen to only the songs that you want...
  18. prspeppers

    What is your favorite audio animatronic in ANY of the Disney parks and why????

    As a musician, my favorite AA was the guy in Horizons making music on some sort of futuristic keyboard. I used to ask my parents if they could buy me one!
  19. prspeppers

    Saratoga Springs or Old Key West

    Your not going to go wrong either way....I prefer OKW. Saratoga is basically brand new and is in better condition...I had a wonderful time staying there. You can also walk to Downtown Disney much easier. But you cant beat the vibe, landscaping or layout of OKW. Its really a fantastic place...
  20. prspeppers

    Walter Cronkite and SSE

    :( I just heard on the news that Walter Cronkite has passed away. I loved listening to his voice on SSE. It was so fitting. The Jeremy Irons version was great, but I'll always associate SSE with Cronkite. His voice coupled with the Tomorrows Child song was so moving. So sad.
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