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  1. prspeppers

    The coolest Disney Youtube Channel

    I just found this channel a few minutes ago and have to share it. The people who run the channel produce a series "This Day in History at the Walt Disney World Resort". It's unreal...The amount of work, editing, and research that goes into running this channel is mind blowing...
  2. prspeppers

    Halloween Decorations Pics

    Hi everyone, I just got back from my vacation at Old Key West and boy am I depressed....Here are some pictures of the Halloween Decorations going up at MK. They came out a little blury. I think somethings wrong with my camera. Enjoy. Ugh...comming home is the worst!
  3. prspeppers

    Shuttle launch tonight...

    Hi everyone...quick question. Where is the best place in Disney to catch the lauch? I'm staying at OKW but I have heard the place to catch the launch might be the Poly? Any suggestions?
  4. prspeppers

    My Youtube Disney Music Channel

    Hi everyone! I started a Youtube channel wich features music from the Disney Parks. I was having a hard time finding a decent Disney radio station which streamed in good quality, so I decided to start this channel. You can create your own playlists and listen to only the songs that you want...
  5. prspeppers

    Walter Cronkite and SSE

    :( I just heard on the news that Walter Cronkite has passed away. I loved listening to his voice on SSE. It was so fitting. The Jeremy Irons version was great, but I'll always associate SSE with Cronkite. His voice coupled with the Tomorrows Child song was so moving. So sad.
  6. prspeppers

    Old Key West Question

    I'm going to be staying at Old Key West for the first time in May. Does anyone know if there is boat service to and from Downtown/Pleasure Island? Thanks!
  7. prspeppers

    HOB Pleasure Island Question

    Hello everyone, My band is getting booked at HOB in Pleasure Island. I've never played there or been to a HOB before. Is it a cool gig? Good vibe? Does anyone know the max capacity? In general I have heard good things but I trust the opinions of the Disney experts on this board to give me...
  8. prspeppers

    Worst WDW Vacation EVER!!!!!

    I just returned from a 10 day stay at the WDW Carribean Beach Resort. This was my 20th time staying inside of the park....In general, I always come home impressed and in awe that after 18 years of visiting the parks they still provide a level of enjoyment unmatched by anywhere else in the...
  9. prspeppers

    Height requirements at wdw?

    A few things....I'm thinking about taking my 17 year old cousin to WDW for the first time. She happens to be a little person, which made wonder if she would be able to meet or exceed the Height requirements for rides such as splash mountain. Is there a place online where I can find information...
  10. prspeppers

    Another Disney Theme Park....I wish!

    Do you think Disney will ever start work on a new theme park in Orlando? I would love to see another one go up along with a few more hotels. What kind of concept do you think the park's identity would be based around?
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