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  1. wdwfan757

    Is it worth at $700 savings to stay at Pop Century?

    Over 7 days, I'd take Pop. The refurbed rooms at Pop are quite nice and I don't feel like POFQ is that drastic of an improvement. Add in the bridge to AoA and gondolas appearing and you're not missing out food wise. For $700 you could take your family to a water park and still have $450...
  2. wdwfan757

    Should Disney scrap and rebuild Pirates of the Caribbean in Orlando?

    This actually is a curious debate and I really wonder what motivates people on either side. I frequently go to WDW with someone who grew up in Anaheim but she is not a big fan of our pirates at all. We ride it every time at MK and it's always "the DL version is sooooo much better". I grew up on...
  3. wdwfan757

    Should Disney scrap and rebuild Pirates of the Caribbean in Orlando?

    I don't think the ROI would be good enough. Our Pirates isn't the greatest, but it's not bad. I'd much rather have another attraction added in MK or otherwise over adding an extra 5 minutes to our Pirates to make it DLs or turning into CGI city shanghai. Space is the ride that stands out to me...
  4. wdwfan757

    California Grill - what items are a “must order”???

    I don't know that it was ever a must for me, but it was probably my favorite signature on property. Living in the DC area, I've never really been that enamored by WDW's "fine dining" options. It's no cheaper than the food in any major city, it's no better than the food in any major city, and it...
  5. wdwfan757

    California Grill - what items are a “must order”???

    It did indeed. Chef Yoshie left in 2012 after 17 fantastic years. After that, Cali Grill was never the same. She's in the culinary hall of fame now, I think, but retired. I am pretty sure childhood wdwfan757 got his sushi addiction from her. Im just grateful they kept the Spicy kazan roll, it's...
  6. wdwfan757

    Incident at Epcot today(March 6th)

    I absolutely shudder to think what WDW quality would be like if they could assume that everyone coming to their parks was going to be "once or twice a decade" people and they wouldn't have to be held accountable for anything except putting out something new and shiny every few years. I've...
  7. wdwfan757

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disney's Hollywood Studios opening date

    As an non-local who goes a few times a year, I think this is the greatest news we could've gotten. The crowds should be a lot lighter than they would've been without the flagship attraction opening. No fastpass means that you don't need to plan 60 days out to get to enjoy it. Lines just move so...
  8. wdwfan757

    Well Illuminations this is it

    It's always been the highlight of all my trips as well. Made a point to see it from opposite ends of the lagoon this past trip. One time, the globe lost video for a couple minutes. It definitely wasn't as spectacular as it was when I went last August. I really hope they do what they can to send...
  9. wdwfan757

    Peter Pan Refurbishment in January 2019?

    Carousel of progress is, and will always be, the best fit for EPCOT. Although, I've always dreamed about a TTA clone that links all the pavilions of future world
  10. wdwfan757

    Animal Kingdom overtakes Epcot

    good, epcot is still my favorite place to spend a day. everyone else can stay away.
  11. wdwfan757

    Seeking advice from Annual Passholders

    I think a lot of people advising you to get an AP may be a bit out of touch with how much a NEW AP costs. Once you have one, it's a good value to keep it, because the renewal rates are not too terrible, and it's cheaper than to renew than go on two long trips, especially with the room discounts...
  12. wdwfan757

    Is there any restaurant (full service or counter) "In the Parks" that provide value ?

    i don't THINK I missed it in any of the posts here, so i'm going to add... Trail's End. If your appetite will allow it, Trail's End can be a good value. It depends on your party though. I've gone with people who go to TE, get a salad and some sides, a couple pieces of chicken, and call it a...
  13. wdwfan757

    Moved to DC metro a few years ago, but born and raised in the 757!

    Moved to DC metro a few years ago, but born and raised in the 757!
  14. wdwfan757

    News Disney considering a service like Uber at WDW - Confirmed as Minnie Van

    Oh, i definitely think car rental is cheaper, especially if they drop it off at car care center the same night or early in their trip. But if they're really trying to shave minutes here, there's the 50% chance they have to stop at the desk first (add 10 minutes here), then there's an extra 3 net...
  15. wdwfan757

    Worthwhile bars

    if your focus is trying new places, it's not a bad spot, but I don't normally make it part of my plans. I second nearly everything posted above, but i'm at a loss for great epcot resort area bars. I really like bluezoo at Dolphin for beverage quality (and their crab nachos), but sometimes the...
  16. wdwfan757

    News Disney considering a service like Uber at WDW - Confirmed as Minnie Van

    Sheeeesh. I think i'm batting 2 of 7 on this at Bay Lake
  17. wdwfan757

    News Disney considering a service like Uber at WDW - Confirmed as Minnie Van

    No chance that youre fitting 6 people and 6 suitcases in a minnievan. You have to choose between the toddlers or your bags.
  18. wdwfan757

    News Park attendance showing significant softness heading into the Fall 2018

    Beyond what they expected due to the "we'll wait until star wars opens" crowd?
  19. wdwfan757

    Telecommuting or working remotely while at Disney Saratoga Springs.

    I worked a couple days from the 2500-2800 building at Congress Park at SSR. Sat on the little patio for a solid 7 straight hours with a healthy supply of non work-sanctioned beverages with a view directly looking at disney springs. Highly recommended.
  20. wdwfan757

    What Disney resort/park food did you like so much, that you made it at home?

    don't judge me but I've probably made that grey goose lemonade slush from france 30 times in the past year alone
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