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  1. prfctlyximprct

    Trip Report And At Last I See the (rivers of) Light: A Much Too Short Trip Report *COMPLETED*

    Hello Humans! For those just joining, my name is Nicole. (Sorry if you were expecting Buddy Boil!) :P I am just a wee bit toooooo obsessed with Disney World and all things Disney, but is there ever really too much of a good thing? I’m just one of “those people”. The kind that doesn’t...
  2. prfctlyximprct

    Pre-Trip Am I Crazy? Don't Answer That... Jan 2018

    Ba dum cha! Guess who's backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :) For those who don't know me, I am Nicole. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so, I feel like the above photo is as best of a description of myself as I can give. I am known to my fiance, my family, my friends, and coworkers as "the...
  3. prfctlyximprct

    Random Epcot Friendship Boat ?

    My friend is in the World right now, and noticed there is only one friendship boat currently operating on the World Showcase Lagoon. She asked why and the CM said he can't tell her because it's not Disney like. What does this mean? Are we just reading into a boat getting repaired? Did it sink? LOL
  4. prfctlyximprct

    Bye bye Mickey soaps?

    My friend is staying st Coronado and saw this posted! Not sure if this will be resort wide. I need my Mickey head soaps!!! Sorry if this has been addressed already :(
  5. prfctlyximprct

    Caribbean to Orlando

    Has anyone ever flown from a Caribbean island to Orlando?? My fiancé agreed to stopping at Disney on the way home from our honeymoon..( ;) ) so I need to present islands that I can fly into Orlando from. Help! Haha I need to find a travel agent I think :(
  6. prfctlyximprct

    FAREWELL WISHES (an appreciation thread)

    In honor of Wishes farewell, I thought it'd be nice to all reminisce on our favorite Wishes memories and moments. A fond farewell. A thanks for the memories thread. :) What I remember most about my first trip to Disney World way back in 2005 is watching Wishes. I was about to be a senior in...
  7. prfctlyximprct

    Flower and Garden Festival Ears

    Hey guys, it's me again, the ear hat psycho. Has anyone seen these?? My best friend is in the world currently and has been asking all over Epcot to no such luck. I saw them on eBay for 70 bucks :( I always wanted the purple Figment ears and they don't make them anymore so I was super excited...
  8. prfctlyximprct

    Song to walk down the aisle

    Guys! Please help! I love every single Disney song there ever was, and am so indecisive! My bridesmaids are going to come down to Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas, but I want to come down the aisle with my dad to a disney song as well! I was thinking Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the...
  9. prfctlyximprct

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* No Ring (delayed), No Rivers Light, & Donald Duck’s the President

    As I stir my pasta noodles for dinner, a single tear slides down my cheek. DEPRESSION. It’s cold, it’s dark, and I am home…this unfamiliar place that is not my Disney World hotel room. (PLUS WHY AM I COOKING?!) This cold Philadelphia air chills me to the core, and when I woke up this morning I...
  10. prfctlyximprct

    Riverside to Typhoon Lagoon

    I could have sworn starting in October, in order to travel from PORS to Typhoon Lagoon you would have to take a bus to Disney Springs then hop another bus to the water park. Is this true? On the My Disney Experience App it says to just board the bus at PORS and disembark at TL. Sorry! Am...
  11. prfctlyximprct

    Could magic bands do this?

    Is there anyway magic bands could function as a fit bit and track your steps? I think this would be so cool! Hey Disney, call me! Lol
  12. prfctlyximprct

    Recent Reviews of Skipper Canteen

    Anyone been to skipper canteen lately? I remember reading so many mixed reviews when it first opened but I can't help but still want to eat here... can anyone recommend? Pictures on twitter look so tempting... :)
  13. prfctlyximprct

    Dining Plan: Doing the Math

    Hey guys... With the dining plan, it zeros out your receipts so you cannot see the item's actual charge, am I right? Or does the price reflect on them? Does it say the actual items on there or just dinner, lunch, snack, etc.. ? My friend won't get off my case about how the dining plan isn't...
  14. prfctlyximprct

    Pre-Trip Gonna end up fat and single...

    Hey guys, :p I finally am getting around to writing a true pre-trip report. Usually, my Disney plans are set in stone oh, you know, 180 days out…. But planning this trip has been so different! I have changed my mind constantly about what day we’ll go to what park, what time we’ll eat at what...
  15. prfctlyximprct

    What would you do?

    Jungle Cruise Skipper Canteen and 50s Prime Time vs a signature, let's say Narcoosees.. I have too many options. Where would you eat if you had an abundance of table service credits?? Ready, set, go! Plan my trip! :)
  16. prfctlyximprct

    Booking w/ App vs Website

    My 60 day mark for fast pass booking is Labor Day, and I will not have access to a computer. Does anyone have any info about booking through the My Disney Experience app instead of the direct Disney website? I will be out of town without a computer...should I can my Labor Day plans! Any help is...
  17. prfctlyximprct


    Sorry, but I am special. I want to purchase Universal tickets for two days in November and know that I must do a park to park option in order to experience the Hogwarts express train. Do you select dates on the site? I do not see the option anywhere and am hesitant to just purchase tickets...
  18. prfctlyximprct

    Disney Springs Restaurants...

    If you had to pick one restaurant in Disney Springs to eat at, where would you choose? Doesn't matter if it's one credit or two, just the best of the best. I want to eat at DS one night of my trip, but seriously cannot pick just one restaurant! I need your help! :)
  19. prfctlyximprct

    Would you rather? Dining!

    Help! Since I'll be crossing over to the dark side of Universal this next trip, I'll have some leftover TS credits. Debating doing some two-credit meals, but don't know where to start! Would you rather: Hoop de Doo or California Grill? Le Cellier or Yachtsmans Steakhouse? Should I return to...
  20. prfctlyximprct

    Pre-Trip The "I NEED HELP" Pre-Pre-Trip Report

    Okay. Deep breaths, Nicole. Inhale, exhale. Hello, friends. I am Nicole, and I need HELP. After my whining, and begging, and downright temper tantrum-ing, I have finally gotten my boyfriend to agree to a Disney trip! It has been FIVE years since we went to Disney together, and one whole...
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