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  1. Cmdr_Crimson

    Who remembers Mystery Fun House?

    World of Micah just did a video of what it looks like today..
  2. Cmdr_Crimson

    News Walt Disney World's COVID-19 reopening plans announced - July 11

    It will be interesting to see how this will work especially with spreading out the park openings..My concern is that with the limited amount of guests going to DHS is it going to be the hardest one to get in to due to all the new attractions. Reservations would be pretty hard as you can see due...
  3. Cmdr_Crimson

    Fur character costumes

    Here you go...
  4. Cmdr_Crimson

    Fur character costumes

    Shame Shame they never brought back out the Oliver & co characters they would have worked perfectly with streets of america new york section..
  5. Cmdr_Crimson

    Fur character costumes

    And here's the kicker..She's voiced by Verna Felton..Who infact voiced Pearl Slaghoople on the Flintstones.. However, she has a decent amount of Disney characters under her belt..
  6. Cmdr_Crimson

    Fur character costumes

    They really should't be since they are three dimensional characters...So, getting them looking right shouldn't have been a problem.. One that bother me that doesn't look right is The Queen of Hearts.. How did this... Become this....
  7. Cmdr_Crimson

    WDW "What Is This?" On Google Maps/Earth

    If I recall there was also a Topiary of Spaceship Earth outside of the entryway as well..
  8. Cmdr_Crimson

    The Simpsons in Disney Parks

    I just was posting at least one of their works to show that at one point in time they voiced a character for Disney....
  9. Cmdr_Crimson

    Universal Puts Disney's Reopening on Defensive

    Basically, it all reminds me of The After hours event. A limited amount of guests at the parks and much more ride time to benefit it.....Sans the freebie snacks...Man, I am so glad I went in Jan/Feb before this hub jub happened..
  10. Cmdr_Crimson

    Disney Springs live web cams?

    They use to have a great one that was on the Blue Heron Resort facing Disney springs & Epcot. But, it appears it's been offline for awhile..
  11. Cmdr_Crimson

    Your view on old posts resurfacing lately

    At times I do get surprised seeing an alert pop up from an old post just to see what they were bringing up to said topic..
  12. Cmdr_Crimson

    Splashtacular - The Weirdest Thing EVER

    Found these on Google of the impressive AA The TerrasauX when it was used in the show.. Then repurposed in as an Elvis Dino in Galaxy Search It then sat backstage exposed to the elements...I doubt it's there anymore..
  13. Cmdr_Crimson

    Which attraction would you want to be barefoot on least?

    Yes sir..Nothing says Soarin when your trying to enjoy it only to see this in front of you...😖
  14. Cmdr_Crimson

    WDW Reopening Estimates

    I still stand by Eeyore's estimate...
  15. Cmdr_Crimson

    Do you remember Lets Make a Deal?

    There is this I found on Youtube..
  16. Cmdr_Crimson

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    Even during the snooze fest of a film festival uses some effects...But, even with using them for the shorts it just doesn't fit...I say bring HISTA back due to the reboot and airings on Disney+ they could even sponser it to tie all together.
  17. Cmdr_Crimson

    Rumor Character greet changes coming

    Doesn't mean we can get another "Wild Ride" and have smaller motorcar vehicles similar to Indy/Dino taking us to nowhere in particular..😉
  18. Cmdr_Crimson

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    Simple..World Showplace stays until they can do Mary Poppins since nothing has broke ground as of yet...
  19. Cmdr_Crimson

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    Please, they aren't allowed to use actual creativity anymore in the U.S. Parks....
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