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  1. swrtrr

    Deadliest Catch Season 9

    Junior was pulling in some good pots and when Kieth saw him dropping the pots back in the same place, he called him and Junior told Keith he wasn't getting anything. Keith was watching it all on computer. Keith made the comment that Junior wasn't interested in a partnership, he was just in it...
  2. swrtrr

    Traditions Timeline

    Traditions is only 8 hours. You should have received a pamphlet from casting, when you were there,telling you the time and date you need to be at D.U. for this class. They will have all the information you will need.
  3. swrtrr

    Deadliest Catch Season 9

    Looks like Junior and Keith aren't going to be the "partnership", like Keith thought. Keith took the bait, hook, line and sinker and Junior is going to laugh all the way to the bank. IMO, pretty sorry move on Junior's part.
  4. swrtrr

    The Thrill is Gone

    Just curious. Were the CM's actually rude or did they just tell you something that you really didn't want to hear, thus your mistaking this for rudeness?
  5. swrtrr

    A few Part Time employment questions...

    I can't really answer any of your questions, but I applied for the same position on October 26th, and my dashboard shows that my application is still pending review. This position was just recently taken down off the site.
  6. swrtrr

    How long, usually?

    It wasn't a CP position, but a part time hourly position. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  7. swrtrr

    How long, usually?

    I applied for a part time role back on the 26th of October. It asked for a primary job on the application and then asked for two more positions that I would be interested in. I submitted the application and got an email saying that they had received it. When I log on to my dashboard, it says...
  8. swrtrr

    Favorite Park

    Magic Kingdom Animal Kingdom Disney's Hollywood Studios Epcot
  9. swrtrr

    Best Part Of A Disney Cruise??

    I voted for the Excursions. While the food and shows were top notch class acts, the excursions on Castaway Cay and Paradise Island were, to me, the best part of the cruise. This was our first cruise, though, so who knows what will happen on our next one, because the food and the shows ran a...
  10. swrtrr

    Where were you 9 years ago

  11. swrtrr

    How Many Days for You...(Part 5)

    Until our WDW trip at Pop Century: Until our Disney Cruise:
  12. swrtrr

    Rental car question

    Thanks. We e-mailed Mears several weeks ago about car service and I guess they don't want nor need our business, as we have yet to hear from them. We will check out this company.
  13. swrtrr

    Rental car question

    I know someone on here will have an answer to this question. We are going to WDW in September and after 5 days in the parks we are going to Port Canaveral on our first Disney Cruise. My DH has gotten a hold of both Alamo and Enterprise and neither one offer one-way rentals. My question...
  14. swrtrr

    December 3-12 Crowds (Pop Warner, etc.)

    I would take the Thanksgiving crowds over the Pop Warner thugs any time. We were there during Pop Warner week last December and I have never seen a worse group of unsupervised little thugs, and it seemed like the ones that were supervised, were supervised by adults (I use that term loosely) who...
  15. swrtrr

    Rock N Rollercoaster question?

    You'll be fine, unless it gets stuck on the first loop upside down :eek:. Just kidding. It'll happen so fast you won't even know it happened.
  16. swrtrr

    Should there be more benefits for people staying at better resorts?

    But they are still better than you, as are most of the people staying on 192, because you are nowhere near deluxe quality.
  17. swrtrr

    Money or Disney?

    Have to agree with you here. Now he seems to think he owns the forum and these are his threads. What a sad, lonely, attention starved guy jimmy must be. Even with all this, not a fan of his and never will be, regardless of how much or how hard he begs.
  18. swrtrr

    Should there be more benefits for people staying at better resorts?

    Although I don't post on here very often, I have noticed this too, This jimmy thick character is pretty good about about baiting people in with discussions like this, and I have noticed that he always includes something about how great he thinks he is on the polls he posts, and he is usually...
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