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  1. Kingoglow

    Ticketing question

    I was asked a question from a friend and I didn't know the answer so I thought I would crowd source here. If I pay for and attend an Early Morning Magic event, but not a regular single-day pass, do I get to stay in the park all day? Put aside FP planning and all that... do I need to leave...
  2. Kingoglow

    Memory maker

    Taking a trip with several couples. I am an AP holder and receive free memory maker. Can everyone in our group (6 adults) take advantage of my memory maker? Everyone is linked to my MDE already. When the trip is over, how can other access the photos?
  3. Kingoglow

    Help with Jan/Feb dates

    Looking to get some ideas of when would be a good week for a Jan or Feb vacation. Looking to avoid RunDisney, MLK Day and Presidents Day. I don't know the dates of RunDisney so I wanted to crowd source a bit.
  4. Kingoglow

    Bounce-back number

    Can anyone give me the on-site number to call for the latest bounce-back offer?
  5. Kingoglow

    Magical Express

    I don't want it to seem like I am gaming any system, but I had a question about Magical Express. My wife and I have an on-site reservation. We will be renting a car at MCO and will be driving it to the parks. If I sign up for Magical Express will they collect my bags and take them to the hotel...
  6. Kingoglow

    Fall Disney Visa Promo

    There are a lot of questions regarding why cardholders did not get the Free Dining offer prior to the general public. I just got an email from Disney Visa for a 30% Aulani stay. Not that great IMO.
  7. Kingoglow

    Transportation from outside Orlando

    Howdy, I am planning our next WDW trip. We will be in Pinellas Park in Tampa Bay without a car. Does anyone have suggestions for transportation options from the gulf side of Florida to WDW?
  8. Kingoglow

    MNSSHP touring question

    We will be going to our first Halloween party at WDW. I have read elsewhere in the description of the event that 'MOST attractions will be open during the party.' Can anyone give me an idea of which attractions wont be available from 7-12 during the party? I am assuming that the list of...
  9. Kingoglow

    Walt Disney board extends Iger's contract as Chairman and CEO through June 2018

    Walt Disney board extends Iger's contract as Chairman and CEO through June 2018
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