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  1. Bill Cipher

    News Construction at Typhoon Lagoon?

    Afternoon everyone! I'm at Typhoon Lagoon today and while I was floating down the lazy river earlier I noticed some construction fences. I've got some pictures but can't seem to upload them right now. The fence was located towards the south side of the park, between Leaning Palms and...
  2. Bill Cipher

    My Islands of Adventure Ideas!

    Hey everyone! My armchair imagineering ideas for Islands of Adventure are up on my blog! Link Here:
  3. Bill Cipher

    What Should I Post About Next?

    Hey Everyone, I was trying to write a post for my blog, but I'm having a bit of writers block tonight, and I thought that I should ask you guys what you want to read from me. I’ve created a strawpoll asking what you guys want me to write about next, linked here:
  4. Bill Cipher

    My Hollywood Studios Ideas

    My ideas for Hollywood Studios are up on my blog. Sorry that this post isn't that detailed. I plan to expand upon it soon. Link here:
  5. Bill Cipher

    My Animal Kingdom Ideas

    My ideas for Animal Kingdom are up on my blog! Link here:
  6. Bill Cipher

    My Universe of Energy Ideas

    My ideas for the Universe of Energy are up on my blog! Link:
  7. Bill Cipher

    My Epcot Ideas

    My ideas for Epcot are up on my new blog, Progress City Theme Parks. Check it out!
  8. Bill Cipher

    Universal Orlando Upcoming/Rumored Projects

    So I rarely get to visit this section of the forums, but since I recently got my first Universal Orlando seasonal pass, I'm hoping to follow news and rumors of the resort more closely. I was surprised there wasn't a compilation thread of everything happening in the future, confirmed or rumored...
  9. Bill Cipher

    My Tomorrowland Improvment Ideas

    Hey everyone! I've been thinking of lots of cool attraction ideas in my head recently and wanted to dump them here. I have a lot of ideas though so I'm just going to make a thread for my Tomorrowland improvment ideas, since it really needs to be refreshed. Hope you enjoy! - gut Stitch's Great...
  10. Bill Cipher

    Guardians Ride Type?

    So basically all of our insiders are confirming that a Guardians of the Galaxy ride has been green lit to go in the Universe of Energy pavillon in Epcot. Seeing as the new ride has been confirmed to be an E-ticket, and that a walkthrough attraction and short show will be put in the same...
  11. Bill Cipher

    Millenium Falcon Ride Type?

    Hey all! I was at Disney Quest the other day and I had an idea for Star Wars Land. I'm going to warn you right now that this is just speculation and has no official sources, but is a cool idea nonetheless. Anyway, here's the idea. I recall that descriptions of the Millenium Falcon ride stated...
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