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  1. Rista1313

    Trip Report **Complete** It's a meet-up-palooza!

    We are back and I gotta get this trip report show on the road before my memory fails! Hopefully my notes and pictures will carry me! When: Sept 14th - 16th and Sept 16th - 24th, 2019 Where: All-Stars Movies & POP Century Resort Who: me (Susan) and my husband Scott If you want to start...
  2. Rista1313

    Luggage Delivery - ME - Value Resorts

    For anyone who has been recently... is Disney fulfilling their luggage promise of delivery within 3 hours as of late? We are arriving at 6pm, and I'm trying to decide whether to pick up the luggage and take it with us to ME. 3 hours would put it at 9pm which is doable... anything later...
  3. Rista1313

    Open Table and DDP

    Does anyone know if you book with Open Table, does Morimoto Asia allow you to use your DDP credits? No availability via Disney on the day I was looking for it, but plenty via open table.
  4. Rista1313

    Pre-Trip We weren't going until 2020.... yeah right!

    I think it's finally time for me to start a PTR. When: Sept 14th - 16th and Sept 16th - 24th, 2019 Where: All-Stars Movies & POP Century Resort Why: Because we like you... M-O-U-S-E Suspects: Susan & Scott (I'm sure Donald will be there again too)
  5. Rista1313

    Split stay?

    How do split stays work? I originally wanted sept 16th-24th POP Century for the free dining, but could only get the 17th-24th. Depending on how much the flights are, I may want to add the 16th, but it would have to be at a different resort because POP is sold out. So how exactly do split...
  6. Rista1313

    Any success in "winging it"

    OK, thinking about my husbands disdain for trying to get him to commit to ADRs 180 days in advance, I need some advice. We both agreed that last time, it seemed tiring (and sometimes we weren't yet hungry) when it was time for our nightly ADRs. This time I was considering (we will be there mid...
  7. Rista1313

    Trip Report Mini side trip to Disney Springs

    Where: St. Pete Beach with a side Trip to Disney Springs When: Thanksgiving week, but DS will be on Tuesday Nov 20th Who: Good grief could that picture be bigger? At least you won't have to guess if it's us! Here's how we decided to go from Michigan to Florida for Thanksgiving week...
  8. Rista1313

    Day trip

    So we will be coming up for a day trip to Disney Springs on our vacation in November. We've already worked out lunch at Disney Springs, but for dinner, I was wondering if anyone had suggestion for dinner outside the Disney bubble? We won't have park tickets and I'm thinking away from Disney...
  9. Rista1313

    RunDisney Race wine and dine?

    So I've been looking at dates for 2019, and settled on oct 28-nov 5 so I can get a little bit of Halloween, and a little bit of Christmas. But in looking harder, I have found out that the DisneyRun Wine and dine marathon would be going on the weekend during our stay. Does anyone have any...
  10. Rista1313

    Trip Report I know, Disney is just SO horrible (alternate title: Is there a sign on my scooter?) - COMPLETED

    Who: My husband Scott and I When: May 5th-11th, 2018 Where: Pop Century Resort This is my first trip report, so please forgive me if I make an trip report faux pas! DAY 1 Up at 4am to get a morning shower (it's my equivalent of coffee) got ready and woke hubby up at 430am. Scott's mom...
  11. Rista1313

    online check in

    I put a request for a room in with the touringplans site, so in a few weeks, that request will go out. My question is… should I also use online check in? Will that potentionally mess up my request?? Sorry haven’t been to Disney in 24 years! n00b here!
  12. Rista1313

    Pre-Trip 1st Disney Trip in over 60 years combined

    The Who: I'm Susan and this is my husband Scott Where: When : May 5th-11th, 2018 I guess I could start with a little about myself. I'm 47 years old, I work for a major insurance company... bum bah dum dum pum pum pum! I'm an ex airline employee, and an ex travel agent. I knew I...
  13. Rista1313

    Hoop Dee Doo Revue - Tipping?

    We are going to the HDDR in May. I know the tip is included when you pay out of pocket, but what about when you pay with 2 dining credits? Thanks!
  14. Rista1313

    Let's talk about my plan

    Since no one else around me really "gets" talking about Disney dining... and even my husband is sick to death of listening to me lament about decisions, I'll bring this list here for all of you who understand! We are on the DDP - 1QS, 1TS, and 2Snacks. I was lucky enough to get everything I...
  15. Rista1313

    Hiya from Michigan

    Hi! I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts and questions! My husband and I will be arriving to Pop Century May 5th - 11th, 2018 So far we are in a Preferred pool room. Not necessarily by choice, but we had a preferred room, and then got a pin code, and the TA had to change us to...
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