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  1. Beccone

    The Disney Store's Halloween Dress Rehearsal Party

    Did anyone go to one this weekend? Ours last night had 2 parties, one at 4pm and one at 6pm and 3 today. It was a little chaotic at first, the store is a bit small so they had to move around a few displays to make room for everyone. But my kids had alot of fun, they did a dancing game to the...
  2. Beccone

    Another Stroller Question

    I have an 8 yr old ds with developemental delays, just started walking on his own a couple of years ago, still quite unsteady at times on his feet and gets tired walking after a bit. Because he has hit a growth spurt this past summer I've just ordered a new special needs stroller for him, mainly...
  3. Beccone

    First time staying at a DVC

    We will be renting points from my MIL's friend next year and I have a couple questions regarding on how we do this. I believe the DVC owner's home resort is BWV since she told us we could reserve it 11 months in advance and the other's 7 months in advance, is this correct? Also could someone...
  4. Beccone

    Question about using a friends DVC

    My mother in law's friend said she won't be going to Disney for the next couple of years and offered us the use of her DVC points if we just pay her. My question is if we were to go during free dining (if they ever offer it) would we be eligible for it?
  5. Beccone

    Beccone's (now) annual August Trip

    Hi all, I'd llike to start off with this is my first trip report so please be kind. I've enjoyed reading many reports over the past 2 years and hope you all enjoy mine :) I'll start off with a little info about my family. There is Chris (39) my husband, myself Lisa (34), Christian (14), Ben...
  6. Beccone

    Bad service on a large party

    Has anyone that has dined with a party of 6 or more had bad service at a restaurant? I ask this because my family was at 50's Primetime last week and we usually enjoy it alot, but this time our server absolutely sucked! He was not in character at all which I know is a hit or miss there but all...
  7. Beccone

    Fantasmic and Spectromagic shows added in August

    I didn't see this posted anywhere so I wanted to share with those of you going mid August at the start of free dining, August 16-22. A 10:30 Fastasmic show has been added to the days that it was already showing which means the parks are open an extra hour. And Spectro has been added to each...
  8. Beccone

    Spectromagic Question

    Do they ever add in the Spectromagic parade in at the last moment? Right now we will be at MK 2 of the days of the week where the parade is not going on. I know they cut the parade down to a few times a week during the down season but we are going the first week of free dining in August so I...
  9. Beccone

    Magical Express Tags

    In 24 days my mil and ds13 are flying down to Orlando while my dh, myself and our other 3 children are driving down. My mil is not the best at flying so she is stressing out already but I'm trying to get everything in order to make her trip as easy as possible. When she called to make her...
  10. Beccone

    Need help deciding

    We have decided to go down to WDW a couple days early before our vacation package with free dining starts on the 16th of August. This was my original plan, arrive on the 14th, check in at the resort (Pop) spend time at the pool and then head over to the Boardwalk in the evening and maybe take a...
  11. Beccone

    Rafiki's Planet Watch

    I'm hoping anyone can give me a little more info on the Planet Watch, we have skipped this area the past 2 times we have gone to AK. After reading the Unnificial Guide I wasn't even sure it would be worth our time to go over there but while making my daily agenda, it looks like we'll have some...
  12. Beccone

    Disney Quest and Waterparks Question

    We are going down to start our vacation 2 days early and I was looking for some things to do other than the parks. Our vacation packages with free dining doesn't start until the 16th of August so we can't add any more days to the parks, but we will be arriving on the 14th. I figured we'd do...
  13. Beccone

    Do your friends think your crazy?

    For going and enjoying WDW so much? When I tell people we are going back this summer they all say didn't you just go last year? It's like they almost think that we are ridiculous for wanting to go back, I know they just don't get it. For us going to WDW as a family has been a long time...
  14. Beccone

    Busses and Strollers Question

    I have read plenty of comments about how carrying strollers on busses can be a pain in the butt not just for the person carrying it but for everyone else who has to wait for the thing to be loaded. That was one reason why we drove our car to the parks everyday last year. We had planned on...
  15. Beccone

    Dream Come True Parade

    Is this the same parade that was there last year? I'm trying to figure out whether we will take an earlier break in the day so we'll be back in time for the parade at MK. But if it's the same as last year I am more than happy to skip it, a well rested child is more important than seeing a...
  16. Beccone

    Question about midday breaks

    This is the first year we will be planning on taking breaks midday, we planned on it last year but because of Tropical Storm Fay we ended up leaving the parks early most days instead of leaving and coming back. So my question for those of you who take breaks, about which time do you leave and...
  17. Beccone

    Fantasmic Dinner Package

    I am planning on getting the package because I really want my kids to see the show but there is no way my 6 yr old special needs son will be able to wait 90 minutes in line like it is recommended. I was on AllEars today and read a bad review that has got me worrying. Someone said that they...
  18. Beccone

    Dining Plan

    Does anyone know if you can get the dining plan if you are staying on property but not going to a park that day? I am going down to WDW on the first day of the free dining deal on August 16th. My mother in law and son are flying up 2 days early and checking into the Pop before we get there...
  19. Beccone

    Characters during EMH''s

    Can someone tell me whether or not characters are out during the morning EMH? Thanks, trying to plan our days and riding rides isn't the most important thing (we usually get all of that done) but any extra time to character stalk for my kids is good.
  20. Beccone

    Epcot question

    For those of you that spend 2 days in Epcot on your vacation, do you tend to do FutureWorld on one day and World Showcase on the other day? And if you do, how much time do you spend in FutreWorld? This will only be our 3rd trip as a family and the previous 2 times we did Epcot in 1 day, last...
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