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  1. Captain Hank

    HKDL CM Comp Park Tickets

    Yes, the window should be open prior to any Guests being admitted into the park, even for breakfast reservations.
  2. Captain Hank

    HKDL CM Comp Park Tickets

    Hi there! The ticket has to be exchanged at Guest Relations outside each park--it can't be done at a resort. There are Guest Relations windows near each park entrance. They are separate from the main ticket windows. At Magic Kingdom and Epcot, they're to the right of the entrance. At...
  3. Captain Hank

    Costume Observation

    Mayor Clayton at Give Kids the World Village is also a very close relative of the Easter Bunny at WDW.
  4. Captain Hank

    2 BIG announcements coming soon for Holidays at DHS?

    I continue to hold out hope for the Star Tours Holiday Special.
  5. Captain Hank

    Memory Maker

    Correct. You can purchase the pre-arrival Memory Maker at any time prior to your trip, as long as it's at least 3 full days out. I could purchase it today for a trip 5 months into the future and be fine. You are also correct that it will warn you about activation. Unfortunately, the .zip...
  6. Captain Hank

    Memory Maker

    Okay. Regardless of anything else, photos expire 45 days after they are taken. There is an option to purchase a one-time 15 day extension so that they expire 60 days after they are taken. Now the 30-day time frame. Let's say that you purchase a Memory Maker. For simplicity's sake, it'll be...
  7. Captain Hank

    Was removing the backlot tour a mistake?

    Not sure what happened to the props, but Creative Costuming moved to a backstage area elsewhere on property.
  8. Captain Hank

    New Star Wars Fireworks Show - 'Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular'

    I happened to watch the show from almost exactly that location. While I found the individual elements of the show fantastic, the unfortunate angle of the fireworks was a real detriment to enjoying the show from Hollywood Blvd. I certainly know for next time, but that cuts down on good viewing...
  9. Captain Hank

    Geocaching and Disney

    To the OP--as a geocacher in the WDW area who has hosted and attended events, usually there are a good number of tourists that come to events held off of WDW property. Also, we local cachers don't bite.
  10. Captain Hank

    Star Wars weekends going away?

    I was under the impression that Star Wars Weekends were going away, but in name only, to be replaced by Season of the Force.
  11. Captain Hank

    Odd Question: WDW POS System?

    Yup, Disney uses the MATRA system (which appears to now be branded Omnico) for merchandise and food and beverage. Universal also uses it for food and beverage (but not merchandise). Very good system.
  12. Captain Hank

    VIP Rooms/areas

    Ah! I'd wondered if the grandstand building served some sort of purpose. I never knew it was a lounge. The RCA lounge is mainly used as an Entertainment break room nowadays. The AAA lounge is primarily used as a Cast Member training location, with some space used by Entertainment as well...
  13. Captain Hank

    Kilimanjaro Safari bridge question

    It could be a number of factors. The bridge only tilts for safari trucks. If a vehicle that isn't a safari truck (such as an Animal Programs truck or a Wild Africa Trek truck) goes over the bridge, the tilting effect will not activate. After that, a safari truck will have to cross the bridge...
  14. Captain Hank

    Orlando Amtrak to cruise ship

    I will warn you--in my experience train service in this area is extremely unreliable. I have yet to experience an Amtrak train in central Florida that was less than 1 hour late. Your mileage may vary, but budget extra time.
  15. Captain Hank

    Parking in Miami

    Yeah, I was kind of leaning toward that option as well.
  16. Captain Hank

    Parking in Miami

    I just booked my first Disney Cruise ever, which I'm extremely excited about. It sails from Miami in November, and I'm now working out some of the logistics. We will be driving to Miami, and I'm looking through some options on where to park. Parking in the Miami cruise terminal is on the...
  17. Captain Hank

    Shamus Newest Show Review (Spoiler Alert)

    I am so happy I saw your post. I was really hoping they'd release the soundtrack. It's some of the catchiest park-specific music I've heard in a while.
  18. Captain Hank

    Bermuda Triangle at Sea World??

    I rode Mission: Bermuda Triangle at Six Flags: Worlds of Adventure once during the very, very brief time that park existed. I recall being...unimpressed with the ride. At least, compared to Star Tours.
  19. Captain Hank

    Control booth purpose?

    Tower *sounds* exciting, but in most cases it's extremely slow. I've only worked one attraction with a tower position (not every one has a tower) and it was actually one of my least-favorite positions. Of course, during power-up and power-down and when the ride goes down, *then* it gets...
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