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  1. matt9112

    Coke bottles a no go on flights? Is this real? I don't see a topic on it. If i missed it please delete.
  2. matt9112

    free dining question?

    i have done it before and know how it works but now we are AP holders and it says a valid ticket is needed in the package? does that mean AP holders can never get free dining? thanks in advance!
  3. matt9112

    maybe right forum christmas card?

    just wanted to say thank you to steve or whoever the genius is behind the little card animation this year. it looks great and made my day over here at islands of adventure. thank you again!!!! hope everyone else on the forum has a merry christmas and new year!!!
  4. matt9112

    rip ride rock it??

    why on earth is it so hard for humans to load on these trains? what is so difficult? the operational capacity has to be in the gutter. furthermore why not just turn off the walk way period and load them like regular trains?
  5. matt9112

    universal ALONE was....amazing!

    I have had a preferred pass for a while but sadly haven't used it much and I woke up yesterday and said hmm theme park. with same day notice Disney was out of the question (blame fast pass) so I went to universal and found the glory of the SINGLE RIDER LINE. oh my god it's the greatest invention...
  6. matt9112

    disturb signs ?

    the other site is running an article about the removal of DND room signs in favor of "room occupied" signs at the three monorail resorts ? and that a CM will enter your room once a day. is this posted anywhere here? forgive me if it is.
  7. matt9112

    candlelight first time.

    went tonight to see the processional and wow...i guess in order to actually "see" the show you need to do a dinner package. was there plenty early and the sheer volume of dinner package guests consumed the entire theater. was left like a peasant standing in the back. so if anyone plans on...
  8. matt9112

    entire park out of FP+

    never seen this before screw that crowd level!
  9. matt9112

    testing- see my face on TOT

    Screenshot_20171111-185842 by matt9112 posted Nov 11, 2017 at 9:03 PM 20171111_190140 by matt9112 posted Nov 11, 2017 at 9:03 PM testing to make sure I can get photos uploaded and I figured you all would love my TOT never changes. oh and here's a Christmas tree. 20171111_191432 by...
  10. matt9112

    dining in front of Chinese theater?

    what the heck kind of crap is this I can't think of something more tacky to look at! this looks like a cash grab of cash grabs.
  11. matt9112

    discovery island

    so after watching the 2017 walk through HD footage of the island im curious. not why it closed but why was it done in such an overnight manner? the video shows things like coolers full of medicine and other machinery and such. paper work and the like is just everywhere. this wouldn't be strange...
  12. matt9112

    preferred passes

    finally snaged some we are in the elite trifecta. however I was reminded what the best part of universal was! no lines (relative to disney) it was so nice. and I can't wait to see the new holiday stuff in hogsmead. Seuss landing looked nice with all the Christmas stuff. got to finally...
  13. matt9112

    linking hotel to app?

    how do I link my dolphin reservation go to the app?I booked room third party. thanks!
  14. matt9112

    first time at dolphin

    so we are doing a little vacation (admittingly more than I normally chew) at the dolphin resort. "hey it's the closest I can get to deluxe dang it" but in all seriousness this is a treat I'm looking forward too and I sort of wanted some tips and tricks if you will? where should we eat in the...
  15. matt9112

    weekend getaway?

    so we have been on many WDW vacations before however now we live here and have APs and visit often and thus rarely stay in Orlando let alone ever on site since we moved. (flamingo crossing is as close as we get) so here is the idea....two night stay on the monorail line. since i was a kid i...
  16. matt9112

    multi quote

    can somebody tell me how to use the feature?
  17. matt9112

    bottle opener confiscated

    thought you guys would get a good chuckle. the bottle opener attached to my key chain (that has been in the parks dozens of times) got confiscated at AK this morning. its an old 308 shell casing with the bottle opening section cut out. i get it no guns ect ect but an inert novelty? i elected...
  18. matt9112

    Podcast idea???

    So (puts flame suit on) I haven't found a good audio cast (or video cast) that is Disney WORLD centric. To name drop I really like the Orlando informer style of podcast and how it's centric around Florida. (In there case 94 percent universal) I would love a similar podcast that's Florida...
  19. matt9112

    First time visit to sea world

    So far I have been largely impressed as I'm used to universal and Disney but sea world isn't a disappointment. Sure it's different but just as enjoyable. Atlantis (I know it's old) was a surprise charmer...although it lacked any story telling after the first room it's ok I understand when it was...
  20. matt9112

    Lesson learned

    Don't use your fastpass selection calendar to determine when your block out dates are. Normally you cannot reserve anything on days you can't theoretically go to the park due to block out dates however I did....two weeks ago and had no hitch so I didn't think twice bahaha we show up at studios...
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