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  1. The Duck

    Lawsuit Involving Disney "Chip".

    The article doesn't say where or how this allegedly happened but in spite of it all, let the snark commence!
  2. The Duck

    Another Hatbox Ghost Rumor...

    There's something new in the DLR Haunted Mansion attic. Presumably, an animated screen where another version of the Hatbox Ghost may (or may not) appear. Has anyone heard about this coming to WDW?
  3. The Duck

    Hatbox Ghost Theory

    Many of you have probably seen the above video (or others like it) from this years D23 and here's my crackpot theory. Let us assume that Guillermo Del Toro is still going forward with his proposed Haunted Mansion film and that he's still planning on making the Hatbox Ghost a featured character...
  4. The Duck

    Why does Disney still have this?

    An article that makes you wonder why WDW still offers these goods and services.
  5. The Duck

    Don't look for The Lone Ranger in Frontierland.

    A while back, some were speculating that if "The Lone Ranger" is a hit, that there might be a Frontierland tie-in. Looks doubtful.
  6. The Duck

    WDW CM arrested for child ****...

    ... under unusual circumstances. :eek:****-pastor-20130515,0,6419109.story
  7. The Duck

    Mystic Manor at HKDL Video

    We all know the chances of this attraction making it to the States. In the meantime, enjoy the video.
  8. The Duck

    POTC: Grafitti in the queue.

    A friend of mine was sharing this link on Facebook. Unfortunately, I'm sure that this sort of thing happens all the time but how long will it be there before it gets a coat of paint?
  9. The Duck

    WDW Railroad Suggestions.

    During my last ride on the WDW Railroad, I was commenting to my friend that the only area on the ride that included themed scenery was Frontierland. While riding past Adventureland, you pass through tropical landscaping and a few railroad props on the side. Liberty Square is entirely within...
  10. The Duck

    When World's Collide ~ Dreamfinder's Small World.

    Ron Schneider, one of the original voices of Dreamfinder takes a ride on It's a Small World in Disneyland and suddenly breaks out in song. Not a joke. This is the real deal!
  11. The Duck

    Toy Story Midway Mania at TDS

    A Facebook friend of mine is a CM at Tokyo Disney Sea. Last night she posted on her page that the wait time for TSMM was 500 minutes! (That's over 8 hours!) Thinking that her English might be a bit off (She's Japanese), I sent her a message asking if she was serious about the 500 minute wait...
  12. The Duck

    New Daytime Parade Info?

    Recently there was a thread about a rumored daytime parade on the horizon and it quickly came to a demise due to a troll attack. In the meantime, has anyone heard any real information?
  13. The Duck

    Big Grizzly Mountain ~ HKDL

    Here's a POV video of the new Big Grizzly Mountain coaster in HKDL. Before the debate begins, I would like to remind everyone that this is NOT what the 7 Dwarfs coaster will be like and there are currently NO plans to bring this to WDW. Just enjoy the video.
  14. The Duck

    Mr. Toad, Horizons and Figment 4 Sale

    Some of our old favorites for sale at Theme Park Connection. Be prepared to shell out THOUSANDS for each one of them.
  15. The Duck

    Davy Jones/Blackbeard???

    Has there been any updates on whether this effect has been fixed yet? :shrug: I was there about 3 weeks ago and Blackbeard's voice was all there was.
  16. The Duck

    Harry Potter Regrets

    While visiting DAK last week, a Photopass photographer was telling me that J.K Rowling had at one time discussed bringing Harry to Disney Parks and now she has regrets about going to Universal and wishes that she had gone with Disney instead. This is the first that I've heard of this and...
  17. The Duck

    Has congestion increased at MK?

    I'm planning a visit at the end of the month and during my stay, BTMRR, Liberty Belle, Dumbo, and Flying Carpets are all scheduled to be closed. I know it's a bad time to visit but it's the only week out of the year that I can do so. Has anyone noticed significant congestion lately due to...
  18. The Duck

    Why no Snow White Grotto?

    From what I've read, WDW is the only Disney resort that doesn't have a Snow White Grotto near the castle. It seems to me that the FLE could and should have a place for this Disney tradition, perhaps in the queue for the 7DMT. A few marble statues and some landscaping could be a...
  19. The Duck

    Working Geyser at BTMRR ~ Video.

    This was just posted on You Tube. Could this be a sign of things to come with the refurb?
  20. The Duck

    Disney in New Orleans?

    Being a lifelong resident of New Orleans (50 years) , I've often heard stories about how Walt was planning on building another Disneyland in the New Orleans area. Supposedly, word leaked out and land owners jacked up the prices of their property so Walt decided to build in Florida instead...
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