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  1. LostPrincessKarleigh

    WDW Resorts booked 1/8-1/11?!

    The fiance and I have our planning session on January 8th. I have been looking for a rooms at WDW from 1/8-1/11 but all the values and almost all the moderates have no rooms! :eek: What in the world is going on?!
  2. LostPrincessKarleigh

    Christmas Trip!

    Ok, I have a bit of a conundrum. We are planning a trip for a long weekend on December 11-17 and will be taking my future mother and sister-in-law for their first time. (I am also planning on attending the MVMCP for the first time!) My fiance and I just received our Annual Passes so we won't be...
  3. LostPrincessKarleigh

    New Annual Passholders!

    So, we just received our vouchers from Disney Fairytale Weddings for two *free* annual passes to WDW! Not gonna lie...I cried like a baby. So excited to finally be able to afford to go to WDW as much as I want (at least for the next year!) Now, if only it wasn't a twelve hour drive! So, as a...
  4. LostPrincessKarleigh

    What do you look forward to the most when you return to WDW?

    Return to the most magical place on earth! So, what is the one thing you look forward to most when you are planning a trip to WDW? For me, I am looking forward to spending my birthday (23!) in the Magic Kingdom. Dinner at BOG, seeing Festival of Fantasy for the first time, (hopefully) riding the...
  5. LostPrincessKarleigh

    The Pirate Fairy at WDW?

    So, I pre-ordered the new Tinkerbell movie, The Pirate Fairy, (really cute, by the way!) and received several large lithographs from the movie. One of them is a really spectacular image of the new character, Zarina (The Pirate Fairy) and I would love to have her sign it on my trip in May. Does...
  6. LostPrincessKarleigh

    Hollywood Brown Derby Fantasmic Package

    So, I snagged a Fanatsmic Dinner Package ADR at Hollywood brown derby. Can anyone tell me if there is a dress code and when do we show up at Fantasmic? Thanks!
  7. LostPrincessKarleigh


    The word on tumblr, from several CMs, is that SDMT will be officially open on 5/2/2014. This has not been officially announced by Disney at this time.
  8. LostPrincessKarleigh

    What music from WDW makes you feel inspired?

    When every I feel like listening to something epic and magical I always turn on the Soarin' track from EPCOT. What music from WDW, movie or park attraction, do you listen to when in a certain mood?
  9. LostPrincessKarleigh

    BOG Week of May 12, 2014

    To anyone looking for a dinner ressie that week....there are a bunch available! Go, go, go!
  10. LostPrincessKarleigh

    Costume Ideas for Star Wars Weekend

    So apparently our trip is falling on the first Friday if Star Wars weekend! And we can wear costumes? Yes! What Sci-Fi like costumes would you guys suggest? It will be just the DBF and I. :)
  11. LostPrincessKarleigh

    The birthday!!!!!

    It has happened, lovely Mouse-Junkies! The DBF and I have booked our next trip to the World. We will arrive May 12 and be staying until the 17th. (My birthday is the 15th!) We took advantage of the room discount package that WDW is offering right now. We are staying at the Pop Century, a first...
  12. LostPrincessKarleigh

    Halloween Party in the rain?

    So, we are planning to attend MNSSHP next friday night and the 10 day forecast is predicting a 60% chance of rain. I know the Headless Horseman will not ride when it rains but what else could we expect to be closed down if the heavens open up on us?
  13. LostPrincessKarleigh

    iOs7 + My Disney Experience App = Lightning Fast!

    OK, so I updated my iPhone 4 with the new iOs 7 and noticed that my once sluggish Disney Experience app was running so much faster! Anyone else notice a change?
  14. LostPrincessKarleigh

    Pre-WDW Hotel

    So the DBF and I will be driving 12+hours the day before we check in at AS Music. We are planning to get into Orlando around midnight, find a cheapy hotel, sleep, and check-in about 8-9am. Any suggestions for a hotel or motel near WDW with a late (middle of the night) check-in? Like a motel 6...
  15. LostPrincessKarleigh

    Park Hopping!

    So I leave for WDW in 54 days! YEAH!!! :D Ahem...any way here is my question: what is the best way to travel between parks? AK to MK? HS to EPCOT? BB to EPCOT? TL to MK?
  16. LostPrincessKarleigh

    Checking In

    Question: DBF and I want to check in to our resort in the AM of our arrival date (9/30) so we could go hit the parks early and make the most of our trip. MDE says check in does not start until 3 pm! Does this mean we cannot get our key to the world cards until after 3pm?! Or is there a way we...
  17. LostPrincessKarleigh

    Food and Wine Festival First-Timer

    The DBF and I just made our reservations at WDW 9/30-10/6. (I freaked out and danced until I stubbed my toe, but I digress). We are both really looking forward to our first time at MNSSHP and the F&WF. What should we expect at F&WF? How is the layout? Anything we should absolutely try/stay away...
  18. LostPrincessKarleigh

    Just decided today!

    So, I got the final dates for the free dining plan thru the end of December yesterday morning ( email). And my boyfriend (who I have been with since high school) just looks at me and says, "Ok, :inlove:when are we going?" :inlove::);) Our dates are 9/30- 10/6 (his birthday) and we...
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