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  1. dweezil78

    Where in the MK is this from? (Circa 90s)

    Hey all! Hoping some knowledgeable sleuth can help me out. I picked one of these up today from a collector - was told it maybe displayed a menu in Frontierland in the 90s-2000s. I’m thinking maybe camera center though or ride photo store? There’s a frame on both sides btw. Anyone have any...
  2. dweezil78

    Tambu Lounge - Reopening ETA?

    Anyone hearing anything? Will be there in a few weeks and always enjoy popping by! I know there are temporary bars setup in meantime, but curious as to what’s going on...
  3. dweezil78

    New Space Mountain Starcade Queue - Open

    Looks like work is complete on the new indoor queue bypass that makes use of the upstairs of the old Starcade and it was being used today. Can't remember the last time I actually waited in line for Space Mountain, but I'm sure being able to wait indoors for those who do will be most welcome...
  4. dweezil78

    True Fans of Disney

    Every now and again, I like to go check out the old newsgroup archives to see what people were talking about back in the day. They're fun to read and see how things really haven't changed all that much. This one was about 20 years ago back in 1998 and is entitled, "True Fans of Disney"...
  5. dweezil78

    Downloadable Park Map PDFs

    I never realized this until today... but you can download relatively hi-res, scalable PDFs of current park maps on the Disneyland and WDW websites. Kind of cool if you're into collecting these things like I am and aren't able to make it to the parks to grab the physical versions. Here are the...
  6. dweezil78

    Disneyland Resort Food Thread - New Stuff, Favorites, Reviews, and More!

    As someone who enjoys eating, I don't think we talk enough about food on here and we certainly don't have a dedicated thread for it. WDW literally has an entire FORUM dedicated to dining alone, so we are seriously lagging behind. So I am kicking this off and hope we get some use out of it! I...
  7. dweezil78

    Soarin’ Over the World - IP Tie-in???

    Hmmmmm (see :30 mark thru end) :joyfull:
  8. dweezil78

    Rolly Crump Exhibit + Auction @ Van Eaton (4/10 - 4/28)

    Surprised no one has mentioned this yet on here! From Van Eaton Galleries (in Sherman Oaks) who does all the big Disney auctions: Van Eaton Galleries is proud to present “The Life and Career of Disney Legend Rolly Crump”, an exhibition and auction which brings together items and stories from...
  9. dweezil78

    Neat Cars Land detail...

    Love when you can discover a new detail even after visiting the parks a zillion times. Never noticed until another guest in line pointed this out... the trees at Cozy Cone are blooming with little orange cone flowers!
  10. dweezil78

    Disneyland + Other Disney Parks on Google Streetview!

    I know a few, like Paris, were previously available -- but not DL and WDW are available as well. Check it out...
  11. dweezil78

    At WDW now... Need this at DL pls

    I bought Dole Whip on my phone among other QSR meals around property. Lines? What lines?? Going to miss this when I get home! Also, I hate that we have no swirl option!!!
  12. dweezil78

    World of Disney Store Redesign Coming

    Didn't see this posted here yet -- looks like World of Disney is being redone this year w/ other changes like Disney Home opening in the former D-Street space...
  13. dweezil78

    New Menu Items at Smokejumpers Grill!

    Hopefully some fun news people won't feel the need to argue over! :) There are some new tasty looking additions to the menu at Smokejumpers apparently - The new...
  14. dweezil78

    Space Mountain: Now With Single Rider Line!

    Haven't seen any threads about this here. So yeah, this is a thing now and I'm pretty pumped on it! Not sure if it's forever or just testing, but a very welcome addition that I hope sticks around.
  15. dweezil78

    Digital Fastpass Testing - Any news?

    Lots of articles back in October about digital FP testing beginning late November starting with Midway Mania. Doesn't seem like it ever happened from what I can tell, eh? Anyone know what's going on?
  16. dweezil78

    Deck 13 - Another DL Drop Ride That Never Happened

    I know there was some talk about Geyser Mountain in another thread recently and figured this would be of interest to a lot of people here. On this week's Communicore Weekly podcast (one of my faves, give it a listen!) they were doing a look back at Westcot and talked about a Space-themed drop...
  17. dweezil78

    Meanwhile at USH this weekend...

    Forbidden Journey has held steady at an earth-shattering 15 minute wait (currently 10 minutes -- or half the wait of Mater's Jamboree at this very moment) on the Sunday of its epic opening weekend. Yikes.
  18. dweezil78

    RIP Super Hero HQ

    Well that was fast. Looks like some of the super heroes are getting relocated to DCA in April.
  19. dweezil78

    No shame... What DL/Park stuff do you collect?

    Ok, something more fun than the tired heated debate on SWL already. :) I am a paper/ephemera junkie. Souvenir books, park guides, parking stubs, annual reports, old Vacationland zines and so on. It's bad. What about you all??? Don't be afraid to share pics!!
  20. dweezil78

    River Belle Terrace goes table service as of Feb 2nd

    Looks like Big Thunder BBQ is more or less getting relocated... Breakfast will be moving to Rancho del Zocalo. I suppose this means no...
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