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  1. PurpleDragon

    WDW Information AM Radio

    For any of you that drove down to WDW during the 80's and 90's, you will remember that when you could finally tune in to the WDW information radio station, you knew you were close and the excitement became that much more unbearable. Now I remember several different spiels that used to run on the...
  2. PurpleDragon

    Heart Broken

    I did something last week I've never had to do before in my life and it was actually physically painful. We had a trip to WDW booked for June to stay for a week, but last week I had to cancel it. There were some severe storms here in Atlanta back last month and we had some major hail damage to...
  3. PurpleDragon

    Free Resort Upgrades

    I was talking with my wife the other night about our upcoming trip to WDW and she and I got on the subject of the free resort upgrades. Are these still given out? If they are do they just give them out randomly or is there usually a code you have to give the CM? I would love to stay at a deluxe...
  4. PurpleDragon

    So I got a new tattoo

    I've been contemplating getting it for a few years now, so this weekend I bit the bullet and got it. I'm very happy with it. :sohappy: So what do you guys/gals think?
  5. PurpleDragon

    Purpledragon's trip report

    I went down to WDW for a week with the family from 6/3 to 6/10. Crowds were very light in all parks on Thursday and Friday, almost everything was a walk on. Gaydays started on Friday and by Saturday the crowd levels increased significantly thru the weekend but wait times for most attractions...
  6. PurpleDragon

    Is it worth it?

    I've had a few discussions with my sister on the subject of a DVC membership. I'd love to do it but right now I can't afford it, but my sister is seriously considering it. So I have to ask, those of you here who have a DVC membership, is it worth the cost? How exactly does it work out as far as...
  7. PurpleDragon

    ToT Info

    Supposedly they've added some additional effects to ToT for the Summer Nightastic celebration starting in June. Anyone have any idea as to the specifics of these added effects other than new exterior lighting?
  8. PurpleDragon

    Main Street Electrical Parade officially announced

    This is what appears to be an official announcement about the Main Street Electrical Parade's return to WDW. It has been upgraded with LED lights underneath all the original incandescent lights and will now be featured as part of "Summer Nightastic". They've decided to have Tinkerbell lead the...
  9. PurpleDragon

    Trip Planning DVD

    Have they made any changes to the Trip Planning DVD or is it still just recycled footage from the YoaMD "Disney Parks" promotion? I miss the old planning DVDs that actually detailed each park and gave you in depth info on the most popular attractions, like the last one they did on 2005 (Erin...
  10. PurpleDragon

    Just booked my family vacation

    Taking my family to Disney for my kids first visits. We're going June 4th thru the 10th. Neither of my kids have been before, my daughter is 13 and my son will be 3(both adopted). With the huge age gap I'm kind of concerned about us being limited on things to do as a family, but given that...
  11. PurpleDragon

    Question about crowds

    I'm trying to figure out when the best time to take my family to WDW. I was thinking about the 1st or 2nd week in June. I know the summer is usually busy but how early do the crowds start rolling in? Would we hit minimal crowds if we went in early June? I was initially planning on going during...
  12. PurpleDragon

    A Model Day At the Magic Kingdom

    I did a quick scan and didn't see any other references to this video and if it has already been posted I'm sorry. This is an awesome video of the Magic Kingdom done with the Tilt/Shift technique. It shows random events around the park throughout the day from opening till closing. Enjoy...
  13. PurpleDragon


    Hey guys, I'm looking to get some info from the AP holder and Fla residence who visit the parks on a regular basis. For those who have been visiting on and off the past few weeks, have you seen a steady decline of guests this past week or so, now that schools are starting back? My trip isn't...
  14. PurpleDragon

    WDW now on iTunes

    Not sure if this has been announced but I figured I'd share, iTunes now offers all the Travel channel WDW shows. They have a package of all their shows in one called "Season of Disney", or you can simply buy the shows individually. I'm so excited that they finally did this. :sohappy:
  15. PurpleDragon

    When to Visit?

    I'm planning a solo trip to WDW later this year (since DW won't let me take our son till hes at least 3 or 4 :p ) and I'm wondering if September is still a good time to go. I know that park attendance is up significantly and there really is no time when the park is "empty", but I'm wondering...
  16. PurpleDragon

    PurpleDragon's WDW Update

    Just got back from a week long trip in WDW. Since we had a large group with children, I didn't get time to break away and take many pics, but I can at least give you what I did get. So here we go: We stayed at Pop Century and first day we were there I noticed a couple of cranes past the...
  17. PurpleDragon

    I'm leaving tomorrow

    I'm sooo excited, I'm counting down the hours till we can leave. My goddaughter is so excited, shes telling strangers she sees on the street she is going to Disney World. It will be her first trip to the world and i'm so excited to show her the magic of WDW. :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy: Okay...
  18. PurpleDragon

    13 Days

    Anyone else gonna be in WDW the week of the 18th? If so I'd be willing to wear a nametag that says "Hello I'm Purpledragon", just so I can meet fellow WDWMAgic forum visitors. :p Its always fun to meet fellow WDW enthusiasts and share our love of the parks. :wave:
  19. PurpleDragon

    Special WDW trip in 28 Days!!!

    I'm leaving in 28 days for out trip to WDW. I've been hundreds of times before but this time I'm taking my 5 year old niece Gigi, for her first trip to WDW. She is so excited even I can hardly wait to get there, experiencing the excitement thru her eyes is so refreshing. I'm so excited for her...
  20. PurpleDragon

    New WDW Vacation Planning DVD?

    Have they released an updated WDW planning DVD? I ordered one earlier this year and I was not at all impressed with what they showed or the cast members on it (Erin, Dave, etc...) I was just curious if they have released a new one with info on the Year of a million dreams celebration, the...
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