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  1. KordovaJD

    Wife breaks her own word - Planning next trip

    I got a kick out of this. It's proof no Disney lover can stay away too long. When we returned from our last trip in February of 2017, my wife said "well, we're not going back until our kids are older and all the construction is done." So, I assumed that was to be after summer 2019. We measured...
  2. KordovaJD

    Trip Report: 9/21 - 9/25 - Is that it?

    Trip Report: Thursday 9/21 We flew into MCO after being delayed by weather, arriving at about 8:30. Grabbed an UberSelectXL to Royal Pacific (About $50 ride and much nicer than Mears shuttle). We were starving, so we hit Jake's American. I definitely recommend this place. The burger is...
  3. KordovaJD

    Just booked

    Just booked my first trip to UO. We're staying at RPR and we're very happy to be leaving the kids behind. With a 5yo and 3yo, Mommy and Daddy need a little time alone. After so many years and so many trips to WDW, I feel like I'm cheating. Will I get over the guilt? In all honesty, bought...
  4. KordovaJD

    Airport to WDW via DME - Average Time

    Though I've taken the magical express many times, I've never really made note of how much time it takes to get to the parks from the time you step off the plane. We're arriving at MCO from AUS on the 6th at 10:30 am. In your collective experiences, dear internets, how long do you think we will...
  5. KordovaJD

    60 Day FP+ reservations

    I got to make all of my FP+ reservations this morning. I was so excited a pee-pee'd a little. 60 days and counting.
  6. KordovaJD

    How Disney Crazy Are You?: So I just sit here...

    So, we're all booked, just over 200 (216) days out. There's obviously nothing I can do for a while regarding plans, i.e. dining and FP+ reservation. But I still log in, every day, and just look at my Disney account and check that the reservations are still there. Literally, I just sit there...
  7. KordovaJD

    Hooray for my next trip

    My wife surprised me and the kids at breakfast this morning by announcing our next WDW trip will be taking place in October 16. When we came home last May she repeatedly said we wouldn't go again for 4 or 5 years because of the age of our children, but it seems that she just can't stay away...
  8. KordovaJD

    Magicbands on little ones?

    So, we're got out magicbands this week for our May trip. My DS is only 10 months, so I am sure that he won't "wear" the magicband. We are resigned to strap it to his stroller or backpack (diaperbag). My DD is 3yo. She may find some novelty in wearing the band, but I guarantee it won't stay on...
  9. KordovaJD

    Thrill tolerance of 3 y.o.

    My three year old is about 40 inches, and I wouldn't be surprised if she hits 44 inches before we get to WDW in May. She doesn't scare easily, and is a bit of a daredevil. So here's my questions mousketeers, what is your personal thrill ride tolerance for what rides you take a 3 y.o. on?
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