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  1. Fox&Hound

    Beauty and the Beast dark ride

    Cogsworth is terrifying on that poster!
  2. Fox&Hound

    My Love of the Parks is Dwindling. Not sure what to do.

    What if Walt gave up when he faced rejection and setbacks??? Don't give up- believe in yourself! It is okay if your dreams change but don't let others change your view of your dream.
  3. Fox&Hound

    Rank the Disney parks you have attended from best to "least"

    What about Mermaid? That is a huge people-eater that is a decent time. But people poo all over that. I think Disney does more than one minute rides but I understand what you mean. I think Disney would be wise to build more C and D ticket smaller rides to help disperse crowds.
  4. Fox&Hound

    Favorite Batman Movie

    Batman Returns all the way! It is dark and over top but Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman- wow. Talk about a performance (and quite hot). =) I loved her evolution and the dance scene with Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton as Bruce and Selina when they realize who they both are but still keep...
  5. Fox&Hound

    Rain forest Cafe :'(

    We ate there last trip as a fun experience, and I will never do it again. The food was appalling.....I kind of wished this would become something different.
  6. Fox&Hound

    New Disease Affects Disney-Goers: DipWis-20

    These are amazing and show the world how insane we Disney fans are! And I looooove it =)
  7. Fox&Hound

    Being Stuck on a Ride - Which ride scene would damage your mental well-being the most?

    My family and I got stuck on Pirates during the Yo Ho, Yo Ho song and after 20 mins the lights came up and they turned off the audio. All the pirates and animals kept singing while moving their moths but no words came out and the chickens chased each other around while you could see the metal...
  8. Fox&Hound

    Onward - Pixar's latest flop?

    We just saw the movie and we loooooooved it! Go see it! Original, creative, and really pulls at the heart strings. I love that is a new world for Disney/Pixar: trolls, dragons, and unicorns. My only gripe was the Simpson’s short before the movie: not inappropriate but just a different brand of...
  9. Fox&Hound

    Dinoland Replacement Poll

    South America with an Up Ride featuring Kevin would be cool.... Is there any real talk of C&H or Dinosaur getting replaced? It was such a popular idea and then all news sort of went...extinct.
  10. Fox&Hound

    Discovery River Boats - Reexamined

    I find AK to be such a long walk to explore that I would welcome the return of these boats. Is it possible for them to make a complete circle?
  11. Fox&Hound

    News Small World queue changes coming

    Please update facade while they are at it....
  12. Fox&Hound

    Beauty and the Beast dark ride

    The queue for Enchanted Tales with Belle screams that it should elad to something better- especially the magic mirror trick. Really wish it was the queue for the B&B ride...
  13. Fox&Hound

    News Beauty and the Beast sing-along coming to Epcot's France Pavilion

    Maybe this sing-along is coming because the stage show at DHS is finally getting replaced. One can dream, right? =)
  14. Fox&Hound

    The Imagineering Story on Disney+

    Man,I Miss this series. It was one of my favorite parts of Disney+....Just seeing Walt and the Imagineers working on the rides we all know and loved was so special. I agree it got a little bit of "Iger saves the day" at the end but I can look past it.
  15. Fox&Hound

    Best animated feature film nominees

    So sad to to see Toy Story 4 on this list over Frozen 2. Frozen 2 could have been better in places but it wasn't the souless cash grab of TS4. They ruined a perfectly good trilogy with TS4 and I have a difficult time forgiving them for that.
  16. Fox&Hound

    Poll: best queue in Magic Kingdom

    Wow- this was so difficult. I went with Pirates, but Mermaid and Splash are a close second. Buzz was dead last because it is filthy and needs a good scrubbing. Great question! This made me realize something about MK I never had before- how much better their queues are then the other parks...
  17. Fox&Hound

    Poll: best queue in Epcot

    And Soarin' too, IMHO....
  18. Fox&Hound

    Poll: best queue in Hollywood Studios

    The boiler room in ToT is terrifying and reminds me of something out of Nightmare on Elm Street. It plays with my mind every time and straight up terrifies me....
  19. Fox&Hound

    NOW at Real Life Job

    This is awesome :cool:
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