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  1. mandstaft

    Disney Escape Rooms?

    I thought I'd read a rumor here a while ago but can't find it. Are there plans for Disney themed escape rooms outside the parks? Just did one last night, and it was great fun.
  2. mandstaft

    Ranking Disney Attractions Over the Decade

    How would you rank the Disney park attractions worldwide that have been added over the years of 2010 to 2019? I posted my thoughts here but I'd love to hear yours. (Sorry, I'm not sure where this should go.)
  3. mandstaft

    Where is the Fast Pass Machines for Radiator Springs Racers?

    Seems like they keep moving them...
  4. mandstaft

    What Do You Think is in Phase Two for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge?

    According to this quote, a Phase Two could be coming. What do you think this could be comprised of?
  5. mandstaft

    What Year Did Disneyland Go to 7 Days a Week?

    Anyone remember? I remember the park being closed Mondays and Tuesdays, but I cannot remember when it changed.
  6. mandstaft

    Recipe for Spirit of Aloha Ribs?

    Just ate there a few days ago and our family LOVED the ribs. Anyone have a recipe?
  7. mandstaft

    Booked Pop Century- Now I'm Regretting It

    Never stayed there before. What are the pros and cons?
  8. mandstaft

    Which Imagineers Designed which Lands at Shanghai Disneyland?

    In contrast to the information we can easily find on the creation of Disneyland Paris, it seems next to impossible to find similar information for this park and actually Hong Kong? Does anyone have good links or knowledge?
  9. mandstaft

    More Discovery Bay art

    Hi everyone. I'd never seen this one before. Anyone know more?
  10. mandstaft

    Who makes the Disney Sea Salt Body Wash?

    Just loved the smell of that stuff when we stayed at Saratoga Springs. Anyone know who makes it?
  11. mandstaft

    Fantasyland Expansion: Beauty and the Beast or Frozen or Something Else?

    With all this talk of a Fantasyland expansion, which one would you choose if you could only choose one- and why?
  12. mandstaft

    New Poll: Where to First- Splash and Big Thunder or Tron and Space Mountain?

    So, you're headed to the Magic Kingdom first thing in the morning, and you enter the park. At rope drop, where do you go first and why? Splash Mountain / Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Tron / Space Mountain. Or somewhere else?
  13. mandstaft

    Boat Routes on Disney Springs

    If we stay at Old Key West, can we get to Riverside as well as Disney Springs by boat? Are all those resorts connected by waterway? We love to resort hop! I couldn't find a waterway map.
  14. mandstaft

    How do I block certain threads?

    Is there a way to do that without marking one whole forum as read? Thanks!
  15. mandstaft

    Will the "Other Side" of Disney Springs Be Rebuilt?

    Seems to me that one side looks amazing- and the other looks old and tired. What's in the plans for that area?
  16. mandstaft

    Imagineer Harper Goff's Plans for EPCOT

    I just posted this HUGE piece of concept art for his ideas for the park. Look here. I think you'll love it- or hate it compared to what was eventually built.
  17. mandstaft

    Any Bets on What Comes After Galaxy's Edge?

    Hopefully, we will hear more at next year's D23--- or perhaps soon as an exclusive to this site.
  18. mandstaft

    Japan Omnimover Attraction

    Just uncovered art for this. Anyone know more? Go here:
  19. mandstaft

    Calling Our Insiders- Is This Art for a New Planned Asian Magic Kingdom?

    This was the board to get the quickest answer from our insiders since most post here. I found this art. Is there a new Asian Magic Kingdom in the works? And is the artist related? Thanks!
  20. mandstaft

    New Asian Magic Kingdom? I Found Art!

    What do you think? Real or not? Look here.
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