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  1. Flippin'Flounder

    Box Office 2017

    After Disney's dominance in 2016, how do you think 2017 will go? It looks like they can win the year again, with lots of big blockbusters coming down the pipeline, most notably Star Wars VIII.
  2. Flippin'Flounder

    Imagineering Appendix 2016

    This thread will continually be updated to include the challenges and ideas presented throughout the 2015 ICS season, as well as other Imagineering Informational links. Past seasons can be seen in the following replies, or you can click on the links below. For those who don't know, ICS...
  3. Flippin'Flounder

    Live-Action Remakes

    So this is a list of all of them, as well as a place for discussion on them. Tell me if I missed any or if there are any mistakes. The Jungle Book- 1994 based on The Jungle Book 101 Dalmatians- 1996 based on 101 Dalmatians 102 Dalmatians- 2000 based on 101 Dalmatians Alice in Wonderland- 2010...
  4. Flippin'Flounder

    Agent Carter

    I want to watch Agent Carter, but can't find the first three episodes anywhere. Any help?
  5. Flippin'Flounder

    Disney Characters Survival Games Season One: Part 6 - Finale

    All Disney Characters now, starting with Mickey and Friends! Either Hurt 2, Heal 2, or Hurt 1 and Heal 1. Part 6 Update: This time we're doing it a bit different. There is no Hurt 2 or Heal 2, just Hurt 1-Heal 1. This way the winner will have all 50 points by the end. That way it wont be just a...
  6. Flippin'Flounder

    Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Questions

    So, me and some friends are planning to go to MNSSHP in October and have some questions 1. Is there any difference between going in October vs September (Candy, Decorations, etc.) 2. Does it make sense to go to Universal in the morning and then go to the party (This will be a one day trip) 3...
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