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  1. Magicart87

    Upcharge attractions. Would you pay to play?

    Would you pay to play for "in-park" upcharge attractions? (Look away Bob Chapek. look away!) With the current discussions of Escape Rooms, The new Play! Pavilion (or whatever it's called aka Free Playground Arcade) and the next iteration of the Epcot interactive game featuring Ducktales... I...
  2. Magicart87

    Bridging MK's Frontierland and Liberty Square though Disney's love of IP

    IP. Whether we love it or hate it - it is here to stay. It can be used to make an attraction more popular (as is the intent behind Disney's rumored decision to replace Country Bear Jamboree with Toy Story, Ugh!) or to create a land (as is the case with Star Wars or Pandora) However, during the...
  3. Magicart87

    Would you Meet and Greet Walt Disney?

    Walt Disney as a face character... Good idea or bad idea? Would the persona and character of Uncle Walt be an ideal Meet and Greet entertainer? Would you want to meet a Walt Disney face character?
  4. Magicart87

    BBCODE Suggestions

    Would it be possible to add more BBCODE support? I'd enjoy highlighting text, background color of text and resizing image tag Thought this be worth discussing. Does anyone have other recommendations or suggestions? ‌
  5. Magicart87

    Should Wall-E go to Animal Kingdom?

    Thought this would make a good talking point for IP placement. Yea or Nay.
  6. Magicart87

    Pizza Planet Watch

    It seems that Disney is intent on having a Pizza Planet space-themed pizza parlor/arcade inspired by the movie Toy Story... this time in Disneyland's Tomorrowland. Would a return be likely for WDW; specifically in MK's Tomorrowland or as a 2nd attempt for Hollywood Studios? What are your...
  7. Magicart87

    it's a small world (What is the reason for it being lowercase?)

    Why is the famous (or is it infamous) boat ride titled "it's a small world" and not "It's A Small World" on all official Disney media including website and park maps and signage? Genuinely interested. What's the story behind that? Anyone have any insight?
  8. Magicart87

    Big Hero 6 TV series?

    Saw a Big Hero 6 TV series promo while watching Monstober on DisneyXD. Has this been mentioned before? Looks interesting. Also... this gives me hope that Baymax, Hiro and the gang might make...
  9. Magicart87

    Hocus Pocus DCOM Sequel

    Oh my Disney is reporting that Hocus Pocus is finally getting a sequel, or sorts. Not much is known based on the article but you can read it here. Bring on the Sanderson Sisters!
  10. Magicart87

    Society of Explorers and Adventurers

    S.E.A. The gang of explorers Disney created to establish a backstory for new and old attractions is something of a mystery. Who are these people? Sure, They're based on personnel within the Disney company and in some cases are simply just friends of Disney, kept in the family with a portrait...
  11. Magicart87

    Sponsoring a Ride

    How do Sponsorships within the park work? Does Disney seek a potential sponsor or does a company seek out Disney? Are the decline of ride and attraction sponsors a result of Disney not pushing that initiative anymore? Economy? Obviously this is large subject. Epcot has failed in it's experiment...
  12. Magicart87

    Stolen Music in Disney Movies

    Ever hear a song on the radio and instantly recognized a connection to a famous Pixar or Disney movie? I recently had this happen and proceeded to "Shazam" it. Sure enough the song bears a resemblance to the original artists song when played side by side. I've noted this on other occasions as...
  13. Magicart87

    Explain it: Sound Effects in Stretching Room of HM

    I'll award 100 fictional points to anyone that can explain "the reasoning" behind the sound effects heard in the Stretching Room after the Ghost Host suicide reveal, right before the doors open. I'll award another 100 fictional points to anyone that can come up with a better audio-narrative...
  14. Magicart87

    HM New Hitchhiking Ghosts Follow you Home

    How is the Hitchhiking Ghosts effect created? In the most recent rehaunting the ghosts seem to interact with the riders in a variety of sight gags. How is this effect created? Is it an IR tracker and video screen? Please be specific as possible. I would like to recreate this effect for a project.
  15. Magicart87

    Tweaking of the Mansion

    The Haunted Mansion. A classic attraction that some say needs no tweaking... Purists vs New Wave Imagineering have fought over this issue for a long time! There seem to be more debates on this particular ride than any other at WDW. Based primarily off of the Disneyland plan the one at WDW isn't...
  16. Magicart87

    MagicBand Printer Kiosk

    So with all the cash grabbing of late with these specialty Magicbands (see: Frozen MagicBand) I can't help but think that a kiosk in which guests can walk up to, insert $5 and print out a custom-designed "officially-licensed" MagicBand cover skin...could be in the works!? If people are paying...
  17. Magicart87

    Scents> Which attractions?

    So we all know that ambient scents are featured in many WDW attractions either as an effect or to create a specific mood. But of those "event-scents" being pumped through the smellitzer,which attractions in particular feature them? There doesn't seem to be a confirmed consensus on which...
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