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  1. SpoiledBlueMilk

    The Frustrations of Being on the Outside

    Can I just express how frustrating it is to try to get into the Disney orbit when you're geographically removed from Orlando or LA? I have been trying for over a year to broach a entry into world of Disney to start a relationship or get a better idea of how I can best position myself for a role...
  2. SpoiledBlueMilk

    Bob Iger may extend his contract past 2019

    Seems as though the 21st Century Fox acquisition could be the determining factor. via Business Insider:
  3. SpoiledBlueMilk

    Now that Star Wars is taking off, what's next?

    Put this in the full rumor category: Not to get ahead of ourselves, but now that we know Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is going to be a massive investment taking shape (not to mention TSL, the Mickey ride, etc...) coming to DHS, the real question is what the next stage will be. Star Wars IX is...
  4. SpoiledBlueMilk

    Rumor Siemens is going to end their sponsorship with the parks - Spaceship Earth and IllumiNations

    Just read that Siemens is ending its park sponsorship. If there was ever a time for Disney to think about reimagining the marquee Epcot icon, I guess this would be the time.
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