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  1. DVC4bestvacations

    Does how long you've been visiting WDW effect preception of it's current state?

    I think us old timers that visited WDW in the 70's as an adult. Have a different take on it's current state than someone that visited after '95 as an adult. My first time in WDW was May of '79 (age 20). A friend and I drove down from NJ. Stayed 5 nights in Daytona Beach. We drove to WDW 2 of...
  2. DVC4bestvacations

    Hey old timers! Tell us your early WDW memories.

    My first trip to the world was in 1979 as a 20yo. A friend and I drove down from NJ. I always remember how unmolested the land was back then. As I approach WDW on I4 for the first time each vacation I reminisce. The ride from route 192 to the MK parking tolls seemed to take forever. There...
  3. DVC4bestvacations

    The Wave breakfast

    I'm looking at the posted breakfast menu for the Wave. There is not a good description for the buffet items. Can some one fill in the blanks for me? When you dine there do you order off the menu or go for the buffet?
  4. DVC4bestvacations

    What's your favorite lounge for drinks and apps? & people watch?

    Looking for a place where we can sit at the bar Have a snack & adult bev. A good people watching spot would be a plus.
  5. DVC4bestvacations

    What activity at WDW is so over priced that you won't do it?

    Everyone has their own opinion of what's overpriced at WDW. Most times it's determined by what you enjoy doing. For me it's MVMCP at about $100. & Disney Quest, the only time we have been is when we had premium annual passes that included admission to DQ It would be nice to hear what...
  6. DVC4bestvacations

    T-rex what's the apeal?

    I've been trying to get an ADR for T-rex for the 3rd week in December with no luck. I can get ADR's for almost any DSs restaurants during that week. I'm wondering what is the appeal? Is it all about the show? Is the food above average? In my mind I'm thinking its Rainforest cafe' with...
  7. DVC4bestvacations

    Soft Drinks avalible on the Magic

    What soft drinks are currently available at the beverage island on the Magic? Thanks
  8. DVC4bestvacations

    First time we will be parking at port Canaveral. Can you tell us your experiences

    Looking for feed back and pricing for parking at the cruise terminals both one site (Disney) and off site. Your feedback welcome
  9. DVC4bestvacations

    WDW burnout has set in. Where else do you use your points?

    We spent Christmas week at BWV had a good time however until Disney brings multiple new things to the table we don't intend to return. Where else do our fellow DVC members use their points? We have used them for cruises. Good or bad we'd like to know.
  10. DVC4bestvacations

    CommuniCore or Innoventions which was better?

    My first visit to EPCOT Center was in July of 84. I don't remember anything that wowed me in either CommuniCore East or West. I do remember enjoying Great American Census Quiz. I visited the quiz several times while I was there. I do realize Innoventions of late has some open areas...
  11. DVC4bestvacations

    Issues selecting FP+ for late December

    I'm having an issue making FP+'s for my whole family at once. I choose the complete family on the first or second page of the selection process. When I get to the end of the process (the last page) one or more of my family members are shown as ineligible for a fast pass. I have been able...
  12. DVC4bestvacations

    Once is enough or not enough

    You are at WDW for an extended stay (5 days or more). What rides / attractions what rides will you do multiple times during your stay? What attractions do you feel once is enough per stay?
  13. DVC4bestvacations

    Breakfast options December MK

    What are the CS options for breakfast at the MK Christmas week? All Ears shows just the MS Bakery and possibly Cassey's.
  14. DVC4bestvacations

    What is the best meal for the price in WDW (parks and resorts)

    Looking for the best meal for the money. Have you had a meal that Wowed you that didn't abuse your wallet? Open to QS, TS & buffets
  15. DVC4bestvacations

    Input from Christmas at WDW vet's

    We will be staying at the BWV Christmas week. Yes we know its very crowded. Just looking for some input from those of you that have visited that parks at this time. Our visits have always been laid back. Commando for us making rope drop and staying in the parks until noon. Relaxing and...
  16. DVC4bestvacations

    Claiming your spot for a Parade

    What is the furthest in advance you picked a spot and waited for a parade? What park, parade, and time of year?
  17. DVC4bestvacations

    Best pre WDW hotel/motel within 100miles

    We will be staying at the BWV from 12/23-12/30. Driving from NJ first time in a long time. Looking for a good inexpensive hotel motel to stay at on 12/22 within 100 miles of WDW Any one have recommendations?
  18. DVC4bestvacations

    Which side of Space Mountain (WDW) is better?

    I always thought the right side of space mountain is better
  19. DVC4bestvacations

    January vacation for warmth and wonder

    Walt Disney World trip report 1/13 – 1/20/13 Myself, DW, DD(16yo) & DS(19yo) We are DVC members. This is the first time since ’06 that we have vacationed at WDW for a week as a family. We have visited a day here and there during business trips and before and after cruises. The weather...
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