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    DVC resale prices affected by the current situation ?

    I'm not looking, but I was wondering that given the current shutdown of Disney resorts, will this affect how resale points are priced ?
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    Inaugural DVC stay

    We did a split resort stay this past week at Saratoga and Boardwalk. Had to do so because it was short notice for the trip. DVC actually did a nice job of getting this set up for us in such a short time...4 weeks notice. Being my first DVC trip, I was a bit nervous and after the trip I have...
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    Trip Report From Disney to Jacksonville

    This is my first attempt at posting one of our trips with pics. If I flame out, I apologize. Just trying to be part of the community and share. Anyway, as usual, we planned this thing last minute. In August, we bought into DVC, and this would be our maiden voyage. Because we didn't book out...
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    Wild Africa Trek question

    OK, I know I can't afford it, but I did it anyway. My daughter is graduating from college with her speech therapy degree and internship completed. One of her bucket list activities was to do the Wild Africa Trek. We're booked for next Friday morning. What is the protocol regarding tipping your...
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    Dog camera

    Just recently purchased our first dog camera to see what the pooches are doing when home alone. We all have the app to bring up the camera view from our phones. You can rotate the cam from your phone, take videos, and pics. There's also a speaker/microphone in it. Price was $35. We'll probably...
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    White smoke exhaust, liquid dripping from exhaust pipe

    OK, I'm looking for some advice here. My VW recently started having trouble starting, but when it does start, I get a thick white smoke from the exhaust that smells like gasoline. There is also a liquid dripping from the exhaust that has an oily consistency. I checked the oil and it's clean...
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    Grinchmas Who-liday Spectacular at Universal

    We went to see this show in November when we visited the parks. I thought it was spectacular. The narrator/actor had a very deep, distinct voice. He sounded like the actor who did the mirror's voice in Shrek who is Chris Miller. The person who played the Grinch was also incredible. The whole...
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    Blue Macaroon pin !!!!

    My wife just started collecting pins last year, and her addictive personality took over. She has a trove of them ! She has completed many sets, but there is one elusive pin that she has been trailing for the entire year. She needs a blue macaroon pin to complete the one set. Can any "pinners"...
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    Actor in Aerosmith RRC recording studio

    I noticed during our trip last month that the male board operator in the Rockin Roller Coaster recording studio scene looked familiar to me. I know that the manager is Illeana Douglas. But the dude at the controls looked like an actor I've seen in some things. Anyone know ?
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    Here we go.....again !

    My daughter has a speech therapy conference at the Orlando Convention Center next month, so why not ? Looks like an afternoon flight out of Philly on 11/19 and a four day stay. Can't wait to see the Christmas decorations ! Starting to look for dining reservations now....
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    Trip Report A 2-day marathon

    My wife, daughter, and myself got some super cheap airfares a month ago. Our work and school schedules aligned, but we only had two days. Found a flight out of Philly on a Friday morning at 5:30AM. We live two hours away from Philly. We got up at 1:00AM on Friday, 9/20. Packed up and hit the...
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    Current Extra Magic Hours offer

    Do annual pass holders or DVC members get to take advantage of the current EMH offer ? Or is it only for persons currently staying at a resort ?
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    Look out, here they come Disney

    It's getting this bad. The beginning of this week I heard a morning radio show on Sirius/XM talking about the Kate Smith situation where statues are being torn down again and history erased. She sang songs that, at that time, were not considered offensive. But it would be much different...
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    Another last minute trip !!!!!

    My daughter informed me that her college has a one week vacation in mid-May for finals study. She's in a speech therapy program where she's interning so she has a free week. Guess what ? Florida here we come. Just went down the beginning of March and the weather was the best. Checked the...
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    Looking at DVC---what can you experts tell me ?

    I'm a big dummy. I've bee going to Disney with my family since my kids were toddlers; 32 trips since 1997. I've been staying offsite and even stayed onsite a few times. My wife and I have visited some resorts for dinner and have had the urge to get into the DVC the past few years...20 yrs too...
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    Epcot Flower and Garden recommendations

    We're off to F & G tomorrow for our third park visit of the week. I have been told by some friends to try the "sushi doughnut." Hmmmm. Anyone have any 'must-trys ?' Thanks.
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    We're on a Mardi Gras float on 3/11 !

    Has anyone else had the opportunity to ride a float in the Mardi Gras parade at Universal ? We're from PA, but we are season passholders. We put our names in the drawing a few weeks ago and we were just notified we're in. Going to be an interesting experience. Waiting to get further...
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    Trip planning started last night

    My daughter is working hard in her second graduate semester for speech therapy, one son is struggling with school, and the other son is getting ready to graduate high school with honors. Temperatures for the next two days will bottom out at -25 degrees. What does this family need ? A trip to...
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    Capone's Dinner show

    When we go to the parks, we stay at my friend's condo in Kissimmee right off of 192. We pass by Medieval Times and Capones every day but have never gone to either. What's the general consensus from anyone who has gone to these shows ? When we're at the parks we usually like to dine somewhere...
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    Universal Studios American Express Lounge

    The Amex lounge in Universal Studios has been a great place for the family to relax in an air conditioned space and use super clean facilities. It's a hidden gem right behind the Shrek attraction. They also offer granola bars and small bags of chips at no cost. They also have gratuitous mini...
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