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  1. liloohana

    double or queen in themed rooms

    Hi all!! My family is heading back to Disney in July. We were thinking of booking the pirate themed room at the Caribbean or the new royal room at Port Orleans Riverside. Does anyone know the bed sizes in these particular themed rooms? I have to say..the older I get, the more I prefer the...
  2. liloohana

    thanks to disney

    I just wanted to share a wonderful response that my family received from Disney a few weeks ago!! Our family had bought the annual pass last year with an agenda....March trip to get our Disney fix (it had been 1 1/2 yearw)..July trip for my son's birthday...and then another March trip for ESPN...
  3. liloohana

    What do you think of Coronado Springs?

    Hi again!! I posted a few weeks ago about ideas for a family of 5, and everyone gave such great I thought I'd ask again. My son may not be going with us in July (he was invited to an important summer camp), so now we have even more options!! Right now we have the Polynesian...
  4. liloohana

    What to do with a family of 5?

    We were in Disney two weeks ago and stayed at Port Orleans Riverside. Not great!! We have stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter and loved it. Riverside was dark, dusty and dated. Our problem is that we have 3 children and are so limited by where we can stay. It seems our only options are...
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