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  1. wvdisneyfamily

    Starbucks K-cups BOGO

    I'm not soliciting and have nothing to gain with this informative post...Lol! This is a great deal for coffee fans, and every penny saved is a penny for Disney! Select K-cups are BOGO on I got 32 packs of Sumatra roast and Italian roast. I also bought discount e-giftcards on ABC...
  2. wvdisneyfamily

    Livestream of Last Ever Wishes

    Sorry if this has already been posted. Feel free to shame me and my poor post searching skills if it has... Is there going to be a livestream of the last ever Wishes? If so, please share the love and tell me where to find it.
  3. wvdisneyfamily

    Live streaming of Main Street Electrical Parade on final night?

    Does anyone have a link to a live stream of MSRP tonight?
  4. wvdisneyfamily

    Caribbean Beach July 2017

    We are looking at CB for the end of June / beginning of July 2017, but no matter how we juggle the dates or length of stay, there is no availability. Anyone else having a similar problem?
  5. wvdisneyfamily

    Standby Plus???

    How have I missed standby plus? Thoughts, experiences, etc???
  6. wvdisneyfamily

    Thoughts on the Nexus 6

    Looking for thoughts on the Nexus 6. Sadly, my eyes aren't what they used to be and a phablet is in my future. I love Motorolas which is why I'm looking at the Nexus 6. Feedback and other phablet reccomendations appreciated.
  7. wvdisneyfamily

    Favorite Christmas Tree

    Vote for your favorite Christmas tree!
  8. wvdisneyfamily

    June and July 2016

    Any guesses on when June and July 2016 itineraries will be posted?
  9. wvdisneyfamily

    Annual Pass and FP+ Issues...

    This is a bit of an unusual situation. Our window for FP+ reservations opened early last week for our December trip. All (my husband, my son, and me) have annual passes that expire during that trip and will have to be renewed either during the trip or prior to arrival. When we went to make our...
  10. wvdisneyfamily

    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Go to the World: A December 2012 TR

    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Go to the World: A December 2011 TR :xmas: :xmas: :xmas: I'm so excited to return to Walt Disney World for our second Christmas trip that I had to begin our trip report a little early. (Maybe a lot early...:lookaroun) The Players Me ~ Lori...
  11. wvdisneyfamily

    Seriously Considering Joining DVC Based on Article

    My husband recently read an article written with some information from Bob Iger regarding discounts at resorts. I think everyone knows he said the discounts will be scaled back. I just did a search looking for the article and saw a blog with some information regarding the future of discounts...
  12. wvdisneyfamily

    Disney Ringtones and Text Message Tones

    I've read that several members have monorail noises and other sound effects as ring and message tones. Where do you get them? How do I get them on my iPhone 3GS? I can't ever get saved audio as a message tone.
  13. wvdisneyfamily

    December 2012 bookings

    I've been trying to get a quote on our December 2012 trip for a few days now. 499 days would have been the 11th of August. Anyone else having trouble booking rooms for December 2012? I should specify I am looking at the week after Christmas as I was able to get quotes for early December.
  14. wvdisneyfamily

    The Not Quite What I Expected Anniversary Trip Report

    We just finished our 9th trip to the World. It was not what we expected at all. This is going to be brief and probably sans pictures (for a while at least) for reasons you will see below. Enjoy!
  15. wvdisneyfamily

    Batteries in Disney mister fans

    What size batteries do the mister fans sold in the parks use? I'm just going to buy one there because every fan I've found in stores around here is junk. The ones in the parks seem a little more durable. Thanks!
  16. wvdisneyfamily

    Now I Know What a Lovebug is...An April/May 2011 Trip Report

    So all this time I've wondered about lovebugs. I wonder no more. Yeah...ewwww....I know...
  17. wvdisneyfamily

    Contemporary Room Request

    We have a theme park view room booked at the Contemporary. What floor should I request for a great view of the Magic Kingdom?
  18. wvdisneyfamily

    On-line check-in down at midnight on 4-19/4-20???

    Is anyone having trouble with online check in?
  19. wvdisneyfamily

    Remy at Chef's???

    Is Remy still at Chefs de France during lunch? We have an ADR there for July, but we are leaning toward changing it if Remy is no longer there. Thanks! :)
  20. wvdisneyfamily

    Did Disney Dream Prices for 2012 Increase Jan. 30?

    DH and I were pricing out April 2012 cruises on the Dream over the last couple of months. We noticed yesterday that the price went up about $80 for a category 4A room. Anyone else notice this?
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