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  1. Mike S

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    No annoying screaming and bad jokes... Was this so hard to do back in 2016 Sony? You have redeemed yourselves though. I see you’re also keeping the old cast under wraps for a bit. Good call :)
  2. Mike S

    The Mandalorian

    So much hype for this.
  3. Mike S

    The Gaming Industry: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Welcome fellow gamers. Here we'll discuss the various goings on of the industry responsible for our beloved hobby. This year has been a great one with the release of the Nintendo Switch and the upcoming Xbox One X along with a multitude of new games that were announced at E3 for all platforms...
  4. Mike S

    Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

    Share yours here so we can play online! I'll add all of yours to the list I'll be putting in this first post. It would help to give the nickname you put on your console as well so we all know who the person is when they send a friend request. WDWMagic username, Friend Code, Switch name @Mike...
  5. Mike S

    Secret Life of Pets ride (rumor)

    I've been given the ok from a poster who PM'd this to me over on Orlando United to post it over here. You asked me about this in the Nintendo thread @IDInstitute but I thought I'd make a new one. The name of a poster edited out, of course. Also some edits to spacing and such to make it look...
  6. Mike S

    Disneyland/D23 questions

    Well it's coming. Next week is when tickets for D23 go on sale. We'll be going from the 10th to the 19th with the first two days in LA. We already have our hotel right across the street from Disneyland booked and we don't have to pay for that until we actually get there. I guess my questions...
  7. Mike S

    Big Nintendo announcement on Monday (12/7/15)........ Could it be? (It wasn't)

    From the senior manager of marketing and licensing for Nintendo. I also read on Orlando United that apparently Mark Woodbury said recently at IAAPA that we would hear more about Nintendo in the "near future." Could this be it? Link...
  8. Mike S

    They bred Raptors......

    From Orlando United member Imperius. I've been hoping to see this come to IoA ever since I saw it.
  9. Mike S

    Manifest Destiny: A Lifetime Walt Disney World Fan's First Trip To Disneyland

    About 12 hours from now I'll be hopping on the plane to Los Angeles. I can't believe the time has finally come. Like many members of this site I have become dissatisfied with various aspects of WDW. I still love the place but I'm ready for something new so I'm heading west for what I hear to be...
  10. Mike S

    Construction walls up around Garden of Allah

    Construction walls have gone up around the Garden of Allah in USF and a rumor from Orlando United says it could be to turn it into some kind of museum for the 25th anniversary of the park. If it is for some kind of museum this could be pretty cool.
  11. Mike S

    Video of EPCOT Center and Disney-MGM Studios from 1990

    Saw these on Disney and More. Enjoy, I know I did.
  12. Mike S

    Skull Island: Reign of Kong from construction to opening

    Pictures say 1,000 words. Credit goes to darkridelover on Orlando United.
  13. Mike S

    I can't "choose a file" anymore.

    I just upgraded to my brothers old iPhone 5s when he got the 6 and it doesn't let me click the choose a file button after clicking upload a file. It worked fine on my old 4. Help?
  14. Mike S

    Snake-Like Creature (and Ellen) gone from Universe of Energy

    I'm on the ride now and I was really surprised to see it was gone. Is it finally getting fixed?
  15. Mike S

    Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Universal Studios Japan first video

    I've been waiting since the ride opened for a video to compare to our version to see if there's any improvements. Finally, here it is The quality isn't great but so far I can't see any noticeable changes.
  16. Mike S

    New entertainment announced for Diagon Alley

    I didn't see anyone else put this up so I went for it https://blog.universalorlando.com/whats-new/entertainment-interactive-experiences-wizarding-world-harry-potter-diagon-alley-revealed/ I really can't wait for this expansion anymore, it just keeps getting better and better :D
  17. Mike S

    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    My idea for this ride developed over the past few weeks or so. It would go in Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland where Mickey's Phillharmagic currently sits (it wouldn't be removed completely, it would move to either Town Square Theater or Animation Courtyard at DHS). In my Fantasyland all the facades...
  18. Mike S

    My idea for a Frozen ride

    This is my first thread since joining the site and I hope you guys like it. For me, the only way to do this ride any justice is to go trackless. It just makes the most sense. The ride's exterior is Arendelle castle which will also hold a M&G for Anna & Elsa. After making your way through the...
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