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  1. iMax

    Random Fireworks at Seven Seas Lagoon?

    The fireworks started around 9:30 tonight, any idea what they're for?
  2. iMax

    What are the odds for a night parade in 2021?

    I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks, but what do you think are the odds that a night parade of any capacity (new, borrowed, etc.) will finally arrive to Magic Kingdom for the 50th anniversary in 2021. I'm thinking its an 80% chance we get something, it's been 3 years since MSEP left...
  3. iMax

    I hate to be the one to do this but.....about Paint the Night...

    I hate to be that one person who brings up stuff like this (well not really but) what exactly is up with Paint the Night? I know Food & Wine just started at DCA and World of Color is back to its full glory, but where does it leave PTN? I'm not gonna say send it to WDW, even though that'd be...
  4. iMax

    Holiday Crowds 2018

    Here's the current scene in Magic Kingdom today, more than sure it's only going to continue to get worse as the days go by until after New Year's Day.
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