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  1. maggiegrace1

    Vote for MAGGIE..PLEASE..:)

    https://apps.facebook.com/funjetdisney/contests/132826/voteable_entries/31124532?order=recency&view_entries=1 Please click link and vote for Maggie to win a Disney trip and a chance to stay in Cinderellas Castle..you can vote once a day!..Thank you ..:):kiss: You are voting for this...
  2. maggiegrace1

    Wanted to share...:) Trick or Treat meet up at WDW!

    My Brother, writes for the examiner and he is at WDW for the "Room for One More" special Haunted Mansion event at The Contemporary for his job..JEALOUS!..:mad::lol: He went to the D23 expo at Disneyland for his job last month..he gets to do so much cool stuff..:D..anyway..tonight he is...
  3. maggiegrace1

    Big Brother 13!..:D

    http://tv.yahoo.com/slideshow/736/photos/ House guests will be announced tomorrow on the Early Show..:sohappy: Hope this season is better then last years!..:D
  4. maggiegrace1

    Maggie does the Disney Dream.a kind of sorta trip report with links to many pictures!

    We just got back last week from 4 days at WDW and the 3 day Disney Dream Cruise..words can really not describe the Dream..it was AMAZING and worth every penny that my inlaws paid..;) We are already planning our next Disney cruise but longer..and probably on The Fantasy!..:sohappy: I will...
  5. maggiegrace1

    Please do me a favor..CMT's Next Superstar!..:D

    Hi all..I was hoping that you would all do something for me..:D CMT has this amazing show called CMT's next Superstar..one of my friends Steven Clawson is in the final 2..he is an amazing guy, an amazing family man..he is expecting a new baby in July..:sohappy:, and an AMAZING singer....:)...
  6. maggiegrace1

    Popping in to say Hi...:D

    Hi everyone..:wave: Have not been here in FOREVER and wanted to pop in and say hello and hope all is well..:D Facebook helps me keep in touch with everyone and if you want to FB friend me message me your link..:D Anyway, life is AMAZING..Maggie is wonderful, will be 6 in August and goes to...
  7. maggiegrace1

    Click! for Breast Cancer Awareness!..:D

    Hi Guys.. It is that time again...:) October starts tomorrow and as you may know October is Breast Cancer awareness month! I am asking you all to go to this site and click the pink box!! http://www.thebreastcancersite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=2 Every click goes towards...
  8. maggiegrace1

    Annual Pass rates for 2011

    We are going in March, when do the Annual Pass room and package discounts usually come out? Do I have to have the AP when I book or can I get it while there? Thanks..:D
  9. maggiegrace1

    Please Vote for these cuties...:D

    Hi all..one of our members here is entered in a contest where they can win a family photo session...she has 2 beautiful babies who were 25 week old preemies and are fabulous!...:sohappy:and her husband will be getting deployed at the end of the year,,:(,all you have to do is go to this...
  10. maggiegrace1

    Le Cellier to require 2 dining credits for dinner as of March 2011!

    Did not see this ..sorry if it has been posted.. From Deb at AllEars.net Le Cellier to require 2 Dining Credits (Disney Dining Plan) for dinner only - beginning March 1, 2011. Lunch remains at 1 Dining Credit. My opinion is that it is not worth 2 credits at all..:shrug:
  11. maggiegrace1

    Big Brother 12 *SPOILER THREAD*

    :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy: If you do not want to know then do not read anything past this post! :D:D:D
  12. maggiegrace1

    If you need to have a nice.. feel good kind of cry..look at this..:D

    http://biggeekdad.com/2010/05/best-of-welcome-home/ I started crying from the first scene!..So very touching!..:D
  13. maggiegrace1

    Motorola backflip

    So..I just ordered the Motorola backflip.. http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/Motorola-BACKFLIP-with-MOTOBLUR-US-EN Does anyone have it? Pros and cons? I looked up a bunch of reviews and saw a lot of good ones..and some not so good ones but that...
  14. maggiegrace1

    Happy Birthday Pumbas Nakasak!

    Happy Birthday Tam! Make sure you have a great birthday meal and a very strong drink..:D :sohappy:
  15. maggiegrace1

    Disney Cruise..so many questions..

    So..:sohappy:..Father in-law told me tonight to start planning a Disney land-sea cruise for May 2011..I am :sohappy: I already messaged Richard from KK but I want all to give me as much info as possible. We want to do 3 day cruise to Bahamas and 4 day WDW. So, do all 3 boats do that? I know...
  16. maggiegrace1

    Longest 5 minutes EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WDWMAGIC is currently closed for essential maintenance . The site should reopen in around 5 mins. Many thanks, Steve Apparently in Jolly Old England 5 minutes is longer then it is here in the USA!:shrug: I mean...I do have a life other than magic..and so it does not matter to me..others..I...
  17. maggiegrace1

    Daylight Saving Time!

    http://geography.about.com/cs/daylightsavings/a/dst.htm Remember to set your clocks one hour ahead this saturday..and to also change the batteries in your smoke detectors. :wave:
  18. maggiegrace1

    Amazing Race 16..:D

    Starts this Sunday!..:sohappy: I am ready to see how Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother do..especially since she is so um..clueless sometimes..:lol: I know a lot of you will be watching!..:D
  19. maggiegrace1

    Survivor 20: Heroes Vs Villians..:D

    Starts this Thursday!..:sohappy: I am so excited..I am looking forward to seeing Russell and Boston Rob on the same team..and to see if Russell can do as good as he did on the last one!.. I am also looking forward to James..the gorgeous gravedigger from Louisiana..:slurp::D:lookaroun Are you...
  20. maggiegrace1

    WHO DAT!!!..Miami here we come!!!!!!!

    WHO DAT!!!!!! What a game!...So, many ups and downs but we did what we set out to do.:sohappy: I am so proud to be a Saints fan!..The city is going crazy...fireworks are going off and the party city is on fire! I screamed, I cried...I am so proud!:D Miami! Here we come!... Looking forward...
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