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  1. Exomonia

    Dates Showing Weirdly in App / Website

    Hi all, I am having an issue with September 2019 calendar where the dates are inaccurate — making it very hard to book a reservation on the Flex Pass. I booked the “8th” (wanting the Saturday the 7th, but lined up with the “Saturday” on the calendar). The email and first page of the app say I...
  2. Exomonia

    Hoop-Dee-Doo DDP No More Cat 1?

    Hey all, It used to be that you could get Category 1 at Hoop-Dee-Doo with two credits on the Disney Dining Plan for the 8:30pm show. However, I cannot find on the official site whether this is the case anymore. Does anyone know if this has changed? Thank you!
  3. Exomonia

    Fastpass+ Tier Predictions

    Hi everyone, Just an interesting exercise - how does everyone anticipate Fastpass Tiers will change over the next five years with the currently announced attractions in the pipeline? For example, what gets moved into tier 1, what gets moved to tier 2, and which parks abandon tiers generally by...
  4. Exomonia

    Is something happening in Future World West in November?

    I have recently been trying to book the Garden Grill for breakfast in December, to no avail (even with the 180+8 day window). It just kept saying no reservations were available... but what I found interesting to note was neither were lunch or dinner. I worked back on this, and found out that...
  5. Exomonia

    Purchasing tickets and receiving Magic Bands?

    I have a quick question! I'll be arriving on December 7 and am interested in getting the Magic Bands. However, I have not purchased tickets yet online (I live overseas). When I went to buy tickets, it said International shipping was $25 and the tickets would arrive by October 16. Does this mean...
  6. Exomonia

    Disney's Magical Express Video

    Hi there! Just wondering if anybody knows where a recent video from the Magical Express bus video can be found anywhere... All i can find is the 2008 version of the video, but its been updated since then! If anyone knows where a more recent video can be found that'd be great :)
  7. Exomonia

    Coral Reef, Garden Grill and Rose and Crown. And Hoop-Dee-Doo.

    Hello, we are looking to book all four of the mentioned restaurants in December. However, the three Epcot restaurants will not allow bookings- seemingly because of the Candlelight Processional Dining packages. And the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue is only booking to November 12, despite it should...
  8. Exomonia

    Key to the World WITH admission for DVC?

    Hi everyone, We will be staying at Bay Lake Tower on points this year- so no package. But does anyone know if it is somehow possible to get your theme park "10 day park hopper ticket with water parks and more" on your Key to the world card? It would be easier than carrying both two cards, if...
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