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  1. habuma

    News Major Hurricane Dorian impacts to Walt Disney World 2019

    FWIW, we were in WDW during Irma. The day before Irma hit, everyone else had apparently abandoned FL, because we hit all four parks and rode most of the headliner attractions with almost no wait. I have a photo of TSMM (remember, this was before Toy Story Land had opened) with a 5 minute standby...
  2. habuma

    What's the best WDW secret you know?

    They're trading cards (like baseball cards) with pictures of the buses, monorails, trains, boats, etc on them and info about each on the back.
  3. habuma

    You don't need to visit WDW for a Mickey Bar.

    I've got a box of these here at home. Not bad. Picked them up at a King Soopers (aka, Kroger). Even if they were exactly the same size and ingredients, it's not the same unless you're eating them while standing in excessive Florida heat and humidity, chipping a tooth on the frozen-solid insides...
  4. habuma

    News Cuts to Citizens of Hollywood

    We dedicate a good chunk of our DHS days to avoiding the March of the First Order (it was neat the first time or two but got old after that) and to chasing down the CoH to see their shows. Thankful we were able to see all four of these Citizens on our trip a couple of weeks ago.
  5. habuma

    News Dragon caught fire in today’s Festival of Fantasy parade

    Completely agreed. The dragon is my favorite part of that parade, but I didn't expect her absence to leave as big of a hole in the parade as it did. It's hard to explain why the parade feels wrong without her, other than to say that the only other thing I can think of that would feel just as...
  6. habuma

    Betty Shambles Fabric???

    My daughter wants to dress for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party as her favorite Citizen of Hollywood, Betty Shambles. Therefore, we're on the hunt for a plaid/tartan fabric that matches Ms. Shambles' dress. Google has been of limited help, as we've found some with similar colors, but quite...
  7. habuma

    Dumbest Thing You've Heard a Guest Say

    I decided to have some fun with some kids sitting in front of me on Big Thunder Mountain the other day. As the train was leaving the station, I asked my daughter (sitting next to me) "Is this some kind of show?". The boys sitting in front of us were outraged at such a stupid question and turned...
  8. habuma

    Dumbest Thing You've Heard a Guest Say

    On more than one occasion, while watching MSEP (both in WDW and in DL), when Elliott came around the corner: "Oh look! It's Puff the Magic Dragon!"
  9. habuma

    Character breakfast

    We've done both PCH and Storytellers for breakfast and even without the upcoming character changes, can wholeheartedly recommend Storytellers over PCH. PCH had a few nice items on its buffet, but overall I found Storytellers' spread to be significantly better. Character-wise, that can be a...
  10. habuma

    News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

    I love this idea, but...I'd love it more if it weren't presented as an "elevator to space" but rather as a rocket-ship launch to the space-station restaurant. As I walk into the place, I don't see a big tube going into space, so the story is broken if, upon entry, there's an implication that...
  11. habuma

    Whispering Canyon Change

    As someone else has stated, this went away once, then came back with the red/green indicators, then came back in full. Taking that into account along with the statement that there are changes coming to both restaurants in the near future, I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that WCC may go down for...
  12. habuma

    News Dragon caught fire in today’s Festival of Fantasy parade

    Indeed. My initial reaction, after finding out that everyone is okay, is sadness for the dragon itself. It's easily one of my favorite things to see in the parade. I'm hoping that it's out of commission only briefly to fix up the damage, take preventative measures to avoid a repeat, and then...
  13. habuma

    Rumor Another DHS Closure?

    I've said it before and it bears repeating: I love Fantasmic!, but DHS' version could really stand a few updates, specifically (1) give us a dragon that doesn't look like Hefty bags strung up on a crane and (2) replace the Pocahontas section with something else. Even more specifically, although...
  14. habuma

    News Walter E. Disney overhaul

    Count me as another WDWRR and DLRR fan. I've loved trains from when I was very young and lived near-ish to the railroad tracks that ran through our town. I was always interested in model trains, but never have had the time or resources to get into them (although I had a very unexciting HO gauge...
  15. habuma

    News Walter E. Disney overhaul

    I'm not familiar with the construction of these engines, but...is the reason that the picture above looks so rough because there is a shinier red skin that goes over this when it is in service? Or did they actually strip the paint down to bare metal?
  16. habuma

    Rumor New Monorails Coming Soon?

    Totally agree. There's something iconic about that look and I kinda think that the standard Innovia 300 nose is kinda ugly. (That said, I may have an unpopular opinion that Disneyland's solid-colored monorails are my favorite.) Even so, new shiny monorails will be welcome, even if they have the...
  17. habuma

    News Pirates of the Caribbean closing for refurbishment in February for new auction scene

    I find it interesting (albeit it, not surprising) that there are only 4 comments on the parks blog article. And those comments are neutral at worst, and positive about the change at best. Of course, the comments are moderated and Disney isn't going to let negative comments negate their...
  18. habuma

    News Pirates of the Caribbean closing for refurbishment in February for new auction scene

    Ah! The near-forgotten pirate pastime of auctioning chickens, finally being retold multiple times per day in a classic Disney attraction. Brings a tear to me eye. I would've still hated it, but if they had put Gonzo from the Muppets on the other side piping in with "I'll take them all!" it...
  19. habuma

    Len Testa Crowd Analysis

    Exactly. TP provides some very useful tools backed by historical data and statistical wizardry. It's up to you to use these tools and any other information at your disposal to plan your vacation. I'm a TP subscriber and have found their information quite valuable, even if the crowd estimates...
  20. habuma

    Avatar Flight of Passage safety and warning cards being handed out to guests

    I guess I'm lucky. I often can't ride as passenger in a car to the grocery without getting a little car sick. But FoP didn't give me motion sickness problems even in the slightest. In fact, the only WDW or DL attraction that even troubles me is the backwards section of EE. And even then, I...
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